Please STOP insulting my intelligence!!

I really wish liberals wouldn't insult my intelligence. I get their desire to provide healthcare to all Americans. It sounds so nice and makes people feel all warm and fuzzy to advocate for 'healthcare for all'. Sort of like how the lottery was going to pay for education in Texas or how Tort Reform was going to lower insurance costs for medical providers and patients. Yeah, those things have worked out really well!! (insert sarcasm) 

But the truth is that Obamacare is just one more way for the liberal, progressive establishment to create governmental dependency and become involved in our daily lives much more than was ever intended. Liberals are smart--they know their power is hugely derived from and maintained by those who are dependent upon social programs--entitlements. So, yes, I understand why they want to fully implement the legislative nightmare known as Obamacare. I just wish they would refrain from blatantly lying and insulting the intelligence of those of us who have taken the time to study the legislation and form our opinions based on fact and common sense. And in the spirit of equity, moderate Conservatives are even worse. They have chosen to step aside and allow this travesty to take place. Their silence is deafening. I am seriously contemplating an Independent registration.

So, here is the DL: healthcare is NOT a right. Plain and simple. (The misguided Supreme Court ruled it a tax--I am still scratching my head and having angry thoughts toward Chief Justice Roberts.) The right to have healthcare coverage is not what the Founders would have defined as 'inalienable'. It is a privilege--a very pricey privilege. Insurance companies have had the ability to deny or restrict healthcare coverage to applicants and recipients based on a number of factors--preexisting conditions, life styles, previous medical treatment, etc. And even with those restrictions and providing coverage to a 'statistically acceptable risk pool', many Americans have been unable to afford healthcare coverage. I have personally experienced denial and restriction when it comes to health coverage. And yes, while it stinks, it is life and good business. So, what in the world made anyone, liberal, conservative or politically oblivious, think that expanding coverage to ALL Americans despite health, condition, or life style would reduce the cost? 

Come on people, put your political predispositions aside and use your brains!! Exchanges will not reduce the cost because the level of risk and financial exposure for insurers is going up astronomically. 

This isn't good for small businesses and will therefore be negative for the already struggling middle class. No matter what Obama and his cronies say, part time work isn't better than full time employment. This isn't about right wing or left wing, it is about taking this country down an unsustainable road. Read the bill--I was astonished and frightened by the billions and trillions of dollars going to be spent over the next three years. We can't afford this!! I don't want some government bureaucrat determining what medical treatments my children receive or medication I take. I don't need the government to take care of me and neither do most Americans!! Unfortunately, instead of seeking to resurrect the independent spirit that once made this nation great, we have bowed down to a city full of idiots trying to create dependency in order to secure their power. They loved the legislation so much they exempted themselves from it. Wait, does that seem fair? Washington DC is filled with a bunch of out of touch elites because we have forfeited our right to be in command over them. I'm sad for my nation.

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