You misunderstood me: I don't hate women. I hate abortion.

"Don't write so that you can be understood, write so that you can't be misunderstood."
--William Howard Taft
When I first began using Facebook as a platform for sharing my opinions about the political and social catastrophes of our time, I knew I was opening myself up for some pretty ugly criticism. However, I accepted that if I was going to be bold enough to say the things I wanted to say, I needed to be big enough to face the possibility of nasty responses. At first, my Facebook friends who disagreed with my views were quick to comment and lovingly 'blast' me. Their disagreement with my political leanings didn't bother me and secretly, I loved the healthy banter! I did and still do, really enjoy a well-informed, educated debate on substantive issues and have a deep appreciation for anyone who is engaged and passionate and can carry on a rational conversation. 

Over time, I think my friendly dissenters found that a vast majority of people in my 'pool of friends' were in agreement with my political, religious, and social views and they stopped replying on the open feed to some of my more controversial statements. I was 'unfriended' by some and avoided by others. Last year, I was confronted at a craw fish boil by an angry lady who had been deeply offended by my postings about protecting traditional marriage and ending abortion. I began receiving some pretty colorful private messages: not necessarily from my Facebook friends but from others on Facebook who saw my postings via someone else. Some of the messages were mild and sort of funny. Others were angry and very, very harsh: I have been cussed and called everything from a racist, to a sexist, to a bigot, a hypocrite, a fascist and a "heartless, mindless follower of a non-existent god". 

I am, in my own humble opinion, none of those things.

So this series of postings is my attempt to address some of the most common misconceptions of conservative politics and to explain why some, myself included, are so deeply committed to preserving the goodness that sets our nation and our people apart. 

Here it goes....

Favorite Accusation Against Conservatives #1: Conservatives are engaged in a war on women.

I DON'T hate women. For Heaven's sake, I am a woman! I have a daughter, sister, mother, five nieces and countless female friends. I am not seeking to "reverse female progress" or strip women of the rights and equality they have struggled to obtain over the last century. I am glad I have the right to vote. I am glad I have the ability to work. I am thankful for the right to obtain an education. I think women are strong, beautiful and quite often the glue that holds this mess-of-a-life together! It would be counterproductive and illogical for me to hate women--I am not really one who tolerates self-loathing and self-pity. 

I DO, however, HATE the murderous procedure known as abortion. Misguided pro-choice activists and self-absorbed feminists proclaim the legalization of abortion as the greatest economic and social equalizer of the last four decades. Other activists and out-of-touch politicians opine that the 'right' to legally obtain an abortion has been the single most liberating aspect of the women's lib movement and argue that any attempt to end or restrict abortion is an attack on the freedoms, liberties and bodies of women. Yeah, I know...seriously?! 

In 1973, when the Supreme Court of the United States of America, in a 7-2 vote, ruled that a woman's right to privacy and therefore, the right to obtain an abortion, was protected under the 14th Amendment's due process clause, American society turned a dark corner. The repercussions of atrocities like abortion and genocide are often delayed. The true nature of the violence is hidden and the advocates are often very capable and skilled at spinning the situation to reflect their preference. Sometimes the most heinous societal shifts are small, quiet--often times, the most destructive movements are slow fades. But four decades later, the tragic reality of abortion is crystal clear. In January of this year a study was published that quoted the number of abortions since Roe v. Wade as being 56,662,169. How is that possible? How is it that a seemingly civilized nation, that proclaims a love for and commitment to securing freedoms and liberties for all people, has allowed the lives of millions of babies to be ended?

Abortion, as defined by me, is an emotionally destructive, murderous method of ending unplanned, unwanted or imperfect pregnancies; the slaughter of innocent life disguised as an out-patient medical procedure; a violation of a baby's Constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness shrouded in a veil of convenience and privacy desired by a selfish, deceived or fearful mother. That, my friends, as uncomfortable and unpopular as it may be, is truth. This so-called liberation for women wasn't a move in the right direction. Abortion wasn't a victory for our gender, it is all out war on unborn life--especially unborn life in minority communities. According to, in 2012, there were more black babies aborted (31,328) than were born (24,758) in New York City. These numbers are staggering and should break every American's heart.

Abortion has demeaned and emotionally imprisoned American women, alienated American men, killed untold numbers of American babies and trivialized the sanctity of God-given life. Psalm 127: 3 and 4 say, "Behold, children are a gift of the LORD; the fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth." I have a uterus and have birthed two amazing children. I have experienced the thrill and stresses of pregnancy and the incredible miracle of life first hand and can't imagine choosing otherwise. 

However, I live in reality and know that some women find themselves in difficult situations: pregnant and young, unwed, sick, poor, raped. I know parenthood isn't ideal for all people, at all times. Trust me, I get it. But there my friends, in those sad and sometimes seemingly hopeless situations, is where the beauty and perfection of adoption presents it's redemptive face!! There are life-giving options available to women in all conditions of life, from all backgrounds, that protect the sacred life of the child, provide emotional relief and psychological healing for the mother, and redeem an unwanted, painful situation. 

I love all women; born and unborn. I don't hate women who have had or will have abortions. Nor do I judge them. I don't hate abortion doctors and abortion clinic workers (although, in the spirit of honesty, I sometimes want to). But I believe that one day, the Heavenly Father that created and loved each of the unborn babies, will hold all of these individuals accountable for their roles in the barbaric fate of the innocent. As Christians, our silence and indifference is dangerous. The reality of our sin as a nation and as a people is far reaching. Just as the wages of sin is death, our condemnation is unavoidable: until we repent and end the massacre, our posterity will reap the consequences of the death we have sown. 

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  1. Maci,

    I love this and I love that you are brave enough to use social media as a platform. I hate abortion also. I have such a hard time understanding how so many intelligent human beings could not only allow, but also fight for the right to abort unborn babies. It breaks my heart and infuriates me at the same time! I hope you keep writing and that you are able to inspire others to stand up for what is right!