Battleground: Uterus

"Abortion and racism are both symptoms of a fundamental human error. The error is thinking that when someone stands in the way of our wants, we can justify getting that person out of our lives. Abortion and racism stem from the same poisonous root, selfishness."  -Alveda King

Okay, I have spent the last couple of days reading, thinking and reading some more. I have read the Supreme Court majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito and have also read the dissent penned by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I have spent hours that I didn't have reading numerous newspaper articles, blogs, and Facebook rants. I have searched my soul, read some more and prayed fervently that my following assessment will be received in the spirit it is intended--truth.

So, let's begin...

Somewhere, somehow women have allowed themselves to be deceived. Oh no, wait...that happened in the Garden of Eden. That sneaky, freaking serpent!! But the serpent's accomplishment exposed our feminine Achilles heel: We are gullible, insecure and control hungry. Our fatally curious matriarch, Eve, doomed us with her lack of self-control and we, yes, every generation in between, have perpetuated a legacy of wanting what we can't have and wishing for more than we possess. Our female flesh appetites are insatiable and our minds terribly misguided. Ladies, we are so strong and capable in so many ways and yet, we are completely fallen, selfish and frail in so many others.

Okay, throughout the past two millennia, women, yes, us, have allowed ourselves to be used, abused, deceived and oppressed. And yet, somehow during the last fifty years, my easily confused and manipulated gender succumbed to the idea that burning our lingerie, sleeping around, and aborting our precious babies symbolized true liberation, freedom and equality. We have allowed a society controlled by sin, deception, greed and stupidity to define who we should be and what our freedom should look like. Feminists, those enlightened individuals born with ovaries and pissed off because of it, rail against what they call the sexual exploitation of Hollywood actresses and female musicians and yet, they fund and promote political propaganda containing attractive young women talking about their desires for orgasms and their solitary control of their body and their sexual organs. Feminists and liberals high-fived each other and stuck out their chests with pride, as the feminist puppet, Sandra Fluke, demanded that the taxpayers pay for her birth control during televised Congressional hearings. Yeah, that's classy and sexually strong and totally in control. If anything makes a woman look weak, it's that sort of behavior.  Seriously. It's pathetic and completely embarrassing.

Freedom, beautiful freedom, is a tremendous gift. And as with all gifts, there exists enormous responsibility with freedom: "To whom much is given, much is expected." As women, we have the freedom to obtain an education, own and inherit land, create enterprise and be part of the free market, work outside of the home (and get promoted only to feel guilty about spending too much time away from our home), work inside of the home (and be considered lazy by a society convinced that two incomes are necessary to live), marry whom we choose, run for and hold office, be ordained,  etc. So, please excuse me if I roll my baby blue eyes at the notion that we are discriminated against, suppressed, oppressed or downtrodden. There are women in foreign countries being buried waist deep and stoned to death for leaving their homes without a male family member. Look at what the Sudanese Christian mother, Meriam Ibrahim, has had to endure? And where has the world-wide feminist movement been in defense of her life, her freedom? They have been strangely mute in regard to her extraordinary grace and enormous courage in taking a stand that will have eternal, long reaching effects? Hey, liberal ladies, your silence is deafening.

Truly, it is mind-boggling to me that some women (I won't name names: Sandra Fluke, Hillary "dead broke" Clinton, Nancy "we have to pass the bill before we read it" Pelosi, Wendy "I wear trendy running shoes" Davis and Margaret "there's a special place in Hell for her" Sanger, think, preach, argue and must truly believe (believed in Sanger's case) that in spite of all our modern freedoms, liberties and equality, we are still threatened because we might end up pregnant when we didn't plan to be and therefore our life and our potential is negated. This ruling and the uproar from the Left isn't about contraception or religious freedom, this is about abortion. Abortion, pure and simple. Liberals, feminists and loads of scared and misguided women across this nation and our world actually argue that the ability to legally murder an innocent baby, other wise known as abortion, is the only and best pathway to socio-economic equality and liberty. What the heck are these people smoking?! This isn't about using birth control to regulate abnormal periods or to reduce cramping or mammagrams. This is about women being able to get an abortion on demand and the Left being scared to death that this ruling might somehow lead to additional restrictions or perhaps, prayerfully, one day end the grotesque practice that has snuffed out the lives of so many innocent babies.

Late yesterday afternoon an interesting Facebook post and subsequent discussion showed up on my news feed. The Facebook author of the well-written status post responsible for creating the debate is an educator in my home town. She is a very sweet lady. And she's incredibly liberal. We have actually discussed our political differences and laughed about the fact that we are Facebook 'friends'. See, I am capable of having a variety of acquaintances and being tolerant of different viewpoints!! She, of course, was very disappointed with the SCOTUS ruling favoring Hobby Lobby and concluded her post by saying, and I am paraphrasing, that she was concerned for and scared of the future we are creating. Wow. Our different perspectives would be interesting to me if it weren't so dead-gum depressing to me that the things that "scare the hell out her" are the same things that I see as good, right, foundational for our country and her people and necessary for the continued success and prosperity of America.

I don't understand why liberal women have chosen the uterus to be the battle ground of equality. We, yes, us ladies, are responsible for the declining family structure. Loud, outspoken, bra-burning women have preached and screeched their need, right and desire for the barbaric practice of abortion so openly that we have diminished the sacred value of life and the beauty of the womb. Women have been manipulated into believing the their uterus is a liability instead of being their greatest gift and their most incredible tool for creating change, determining influence and forming a legacy. Women need to grasp the understanding that we don't gain rights, freedoms , liberties, or equality by robbing others, whether born or unborn, of their lives and liberties. Tyrants fall victim to this delusion too. We won't achieve what we desire if the means to our ends destroy innocence in our path.

Monday afternoon's ruling was a small victory in a big war. This isn't over and rest assured that the liberals are mad. Insanely angry. I can relate to their feelings--I have been experiencing that insane anger for approximately 6 years. Those on the left are licking their wounds but don't underestimate them, they are re-organizing, reassessing and amassing their troops for a new battle.

Yes, I am going to choose to be delighted, joyful and very thankful for a few more days. I will not gloat to the world but praise a merciful Heavenly Father who gave five of the nine justices the insight and strength to do the right thing.

So, congratulations and thank you, to Hobby Lobby and a cabinet company owned by Mennonites. They fought the good fight on my behalf and on the behalf of many other strong, important, worthy women, born and unborn.