Islamic terrorists are freakin' geniuses.

"There is no great genius without a mixture of madness."

So, I was thinking this morning as I put my face on...Islamic terrorists are geniuses. Okay, don't stop reading yet. Don't send me a nasty message yet. Please, stay with me...

Thirteen years ago, when Muslim jihadists hijacked American planes and wreaked havoc and destruction, they succeeded in destabilizing our economy and pulling us into an ideological war. Initially, we were a nation united. We wanted vengeance. We wanted justice. However, as the years passed, the number of American war fatalities mounted and the public became "war weary", our nation grew divided. Some Americans wanted to stay the course. Others wanted to come home and focus on domestic issues. While others simply wanted to come home. As with the years of Vietnam, we were once again politically polarized--and they, the Islamic militants, were to blame. All they needed to do was sit back and watch. Our presidents, both Bush on his way out and Obama, ever since, have been guilty of giving the enemy withdrawal timelines and strategic information. The blood-thirsty radicals needed only to bide their time and wait for the next opportunity to pounce.

Then, Benghazi. How perfect. A well organized attack on the anniversary of 9/11. A vicious reminder that they were still out there and seeking to kill and destroy. Our Secretary of State, Hillary "Dead Broke" Clinton, failed our men and women on the ground in Libya. As Susan Rice and other SOS puppets tried desperately to do damage control, our Islamic enemies laughed. They knew the truth our government was attempting to cover up. Some Americans thought the attacks were about a video. Some thought the attacks in Benghazi were random acts of violence carried out by a whipped-up mob. While others, like myself, knew the attacks were terrorists acts perpetrated by terrorists still engaged in an all out war with the United States of America.  Again, our nation was divided.

And then, here comes ISIS. A well-funded, ruthless, cowardly group of Sunni Muslim terrorists committed to eliminating all people opposed to their control and standing in the way of their establishment of a global, Islamic caliphate. A few months ago,our dear leader referred to them as a "JV team". Since then, they have proven themselves to be professional players of their genocidal game. I bet Obama regrets that analogy.

The terrorist group Al Qaida, the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq succeeded in creating a deep divide within our country. Bush was hated for his supposed "war mongering", aggression and Southern accent. Democrats spent 7 1/2 years criticizing every move the Bush administration made in dealing with the terrorists and conducting the wars. Our nation was fractured by the terrorists.

The terrorist group ISIS, the attacks at Benghazi, the negotiations with rogue states to free Bowe Bergdahl, and now, the brutal murdering and be-heading of innocent people in Iraq are creating an even deeper divide within our already weakened nation. Obama is being criticized by the Right for his ineptness, his delay, his indifference, his failed leadership. Our nation is at a stand still. There is little compromise and no clear solution. Another win in the terrorist's column.

Listen, Bush wasn't perfect, but he kept us safe. He was committed to keeping America strong. And for that, the terrorists hated him. And let's face it, Obama has been in over his head since day one. He didn't realize the real nature of the threats facing our nation daily because he doesn't see our enemies as evil. He likes to view them as misunderstood victims oppressed by that big-bad-bully of America. At this point, there is no good solution to the problems he is facing. The terrorists are laughing at him.

Friends, we are losing this war to a radical Islamic culture of hatred. We are losing this war because our nation is "war weary". Really, people are "war weary"? I would LOVE for one unaffected, well-rested, out-of-touch civilian to comment on this post and give me one example of how they are "war weary". Seriously. Those who could and should be "war weary" are the ones calling for action and calling for aggressive responses to ISIS. Our nation's back bone has been weakened by a generation of apathy and ignorance. We are losing this war because a large majority of Americans are lazy, selfish and too politically correct.

WE ARE AT WAR WITH RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. There, I said it, Obama. You, John Kerry and y'alls press secretaries don't have to. And I'll also say this: The terrorists are winning. They have out-smarted us. They have been more patient than we have. They are not "war weary". And unlike us, they have a strategy. And it is working. They have divided us and pitted us against one another and exposed our flawed contemporary nature as a nation. Again I'll say it, they are evil, murdering, cowardly, faceless, merciless geniuses.

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