"We don't have a strategy." Really? I hadn't noticed...

"This is not a battle between the United States of America and terrorism, but between the free and democratic world and terrorism." --Tony Blair

A second American journalist has been beheaded by the terrorist group ISIS. And rest assured, there will be more. The campaign of terror that ISIS is waging against the minority groups of Iraq, and ultimately the rest of the world, continues. Children are being raped and murdered. Women abducted and forced into arranged marriages AKA sex slavery. Men are being slaughtered. Cities are under siege. For the people caught in the cross hairs of this radical, ideological nightmare, these days are a living hell on earth. The daily devastation and brutality is something most Americans can't comprehend. We simply can't process what is going on across the ocean in a land we liberated a short, ten years ago.

How has the world arrived at this place? Are we, humanity, standing on the threshold of eternal judgment and the end times? Are we facing a more serious evil or are we simply living through another messy chapter in human history that future generations will reflect upon and compare their future sufferings to ours?

I don't know the answers. But something in my gut tells me these times may be more dark than the dark times before...

A few weeks ago a friend sent me a presentation by an Israeli military officer. His speech was absolutely fascinating! I spent hours watching the video over and over again. The presentation was entitled, "THE BEGINNING OF THE END". The historical information the speaker provided was incredible. The modern, up-to-date perspective of what is REALLY going on in Israel, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran was troubling and intriguing. He spoke about recent world events and highlighted how these events are tied with Biblical prophecy. For a history-loving, Bible-clinging, right-winged nerd, it was the best video ever!!

So, I want to share a few points that might bring this whole Middle Eastern mess into perspective.
  • Once upon a time, a man named Muhammad lived. He claimed to be the final prophet of Allah (God). He was born in Mecca. Orphaned by the age of 6. He claimed he received revelations from the archangel Gabriel and that his heart had been taken from his chest, cleansed with snow and placed back inside his breast. Literally. 
  • The Qu'ran is a collection of his teachings and revelations. He fathered the religion of Islam and oversaw its dissemination throughout much of the Arabian Pennisula. He established the tradition of the hajj--the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca.
  • In Muhammad's time, Christians, Jews (not always) and other monotheistic religions enjoyed the status and protection known as the "People of the Book". I wonder when Islam and radical Muslims decided to forget that bit of his teaching?
  • Upon Muhammad's death, Muslims faced their first major dilemma. Who would follow in Muhammad's footsteps and continue the work he began?
  • The Islamic camp was divided. There were those in the new religion, they became known as Shi'ite Muslims, who felt the successor should be blood related to Muhammad, thus the next in line to lead the caliphate was his cousin, 'Ali. While others, an overwhelming majority in fact, who would become known as Sunni Muslims, felt as though the continuation of Muhammad's work should be carried out by a devout, chosen follower named Abu Bakr. The Sunnis argued that Islam was a religious caliphate and not a monarchy and therefore, blood status should have no bearing on ascension to power. And there, in the shadow of their leader's death, the Islamic struggle that would effect millions of Muslims and influence the entire world for centuries was birthed.
  • FYI: Shi'ite Muslims account for approximately 15% of the Muslim population
  • FYI: Sunni Muslims account for approximately 85% of the Muslim population (ISIS is a branch of Sunni)
  • There are two struggles within the Islamic faith--one to convert all Muslims to the same brand of Islam and second, to convert all the rest of us
  • The last hundred years of human history has seen the greatest number of Biblical prophecies come to fruition. More in the last generation than all other generations combined
  • Regional and international alliances are being formed in the Middle East and around the world that would have never been thought possible 12 short months ago (these aren't good alliances--think Axis of Evil)   
I could go on and on and on...

So, here is the DL:

This situation isn't a "manageable problem", Dear Leader. This is war. Yes, there it is. I said it. We are at war with radical, Islamic extremists and have been for over a decade. Whew....I feel so politically incorrect...and HONEST!! A strategy isn't going to just fall from the heavens and into the White House's lap. The reality on the ground isn't going to improve because of airstrikes and humanitarian aide drops. (Although, I am very glad that we are doing those things at this point.) The conflict that is raging in northern Iraq and other parts of the Middle East is a complex, historical tragedy that will exist and evolve and grow. ISIS is a symptom of a much greater malignant disease. ISIS and other terrorists groups are the result of a radical ideology and delayed international intervention. ISIS is only one of many terrorist organizations that reflect the base hatred and evil mind set of ignorant, desperate people. And unfortunately, this "junior varsity" terrorist team with sharp knives and bloated bank accounts is winning. And winning big.

They have declared war on us. Heck, they have declared war on fellow Muslims. Please hear me out:  if ISIS will slaughter fellow Muslims, they will continue to cut American throats. This masked, decapitating, ruthless enemy isn't going to just go away. They aren't killing us because we are sympathetic to Israel or because of previous foreign policy. They are killing us because they consider us to be infidels. They aren't killings us because we fought a war in Iraq and Afghanistan. We know this because they are killing peaceful, indigenous people living within Iraq with no tie to the United States or our military efforts over the past decade. ISIS, Al Qaida and other terrorists groups kill Americans and other innocent people because they know we will never convert to Islam and therefore, we stand between them and their desired global Islamic caliphate. They aren't killing us because we're Americans, they are killing us because we aren't their chosen brand of Islam. 

No one is safe. No one is immune. They would rather "wipe us off the face of the earth" than negotiate and live peaceably alongside us. Americans haven't caused this. The American military isn't to blame. America and the free world haven't "asked" for this to happen. This isn't America's "chickens coming home to roost"--thank you, Jeremiah Wright. I will even admit that Obama isn't at fault when it comes to placing blame for the creation and mentality of the radical, terrorist groups. His fault lies in his unwillingness to intervene at the appropriate times and his inability to fully understand the realness of their threat and danger.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is good vs. evil, wrong vs. right. These individuals are rage-filled terrorists with hate in the hearts and blood on their hands. They have no conscience. Being diplomatic will not win this fight. Being politically correct will not win their hearts and minds. Our resolve to destroy them needs to mirror their resolve to destroy us. Plain and simple. Unfortunately, there isn't anything simple about it.

Our president refuses to call them terrorists. He and his administration tip toe around using the word Islamic. ISIS calls themselves ISLAMIC--it's part of their name!! It isn't derogatory or insensitive to call them what they are; it is fact. They are Muslim jihadists. They are mass murderers. They are cowards who murder innocent men, women and children because they can't and won't face the strongest army in the world. They are child-raping monsters. They are disgusting excuses for human beings and I have no qualms about saying that they will burn in Hell for eternity for the atrocities they are committing against their fellow man. THEY ARE EVIL and the sooner our Dear Leader publically recognizes it, the sooner they will be stopped. The world is waiting for America to act. Our presidents are known as the "Leaders of the Free World" because that's the position our strength has placed them in. We are a nation capable of things that would blow most peoples minds. We are a nation capable of ending most global conflict and yet, we are standing still and silent and waiting. 

"We don't have a strategy." Those five words probably gave most Democrats diarrhea for days. Especially those facing tough re-election or close races this Fall. The truth of the matter is this: we don't have a strategy because Barack Hussein Obama is incompetent and should not be the President of the United States. He simply isn't capable of leading. He doesn't understand domestic policy. He doesn't have a foreign policy. He has failed our nation, the people of Iraq, the nation of Israel, the rebels of Syria; he has failed the world. When Joe "Blundering" Biden sounds more committed to action than the Commander in Chief, things are bad...really, really bad. Sorry Dems, the diarrhea will likely continue.
Now, don't get me wrong, I know who ultimately obtains victory. I know there will come a day of reckoning. I know there will be peace because the Prince of Peace will return. I know, I know, I know...

However, knowing something is often times easy; accepting something as truth and being comforted by it on a daily basis is a little more difficult sometimes.

So, I'll leave you with this for today: You can't win a war you won't recognize. You can't defeat an enemy you refuse to acknowledge by name. You can't help people when you refuse to end their suffering. So much needs to change in the days ahead. So many revelations need to occur. My prayer is for the world but my appeal for help is to my God. Modern leaders have proven themselves incapable of stopping this bloodshed and disaster, our only hope is that an Almighty Lord will save us all.

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