Wendy "Texas-sized nightmare" Davis

DISCLAIMER: If you like Wendy "Abortion Barbie" Davis, please pass over this post. Otherwise, you will be very, very angry. You have been warned...
So, Wendy "Texas-sized nightmare" Davis's new book includes an admission that she had an abortion. Surprise, surprise. Her justification: the doctors told her that her baby had a brain abnormality. Why am I not at all surprised that abortion was her solution to what she considered a problem? Well, let me share a story with y'all...
One of my sweet nieces will turn 4 years old at the end of this month. And let me just say, she is AMAZING. She is beautiful and smart and the very best of both of her precious parents. She is also my namesake, Sophie Marriah. So, yes, I admit, I may be a bit partial!!  When my little sister was pregnant with Sophie, she consented to the recommended blood tests. Around the 21 week mark, after having the most extensive blood tests of a pregnancy, my sister received a phone call from the doctor informing her that Sophie's blood tests had come back showing "abnormalities". And also, her bone measurements weren't appropriate for her weeks of gestation. Certain bones in Sophie's arms and legs were measuring too short. Understandably, my sister and my brother-in-law were devastated. First, they were told Sophie would be born with Down's Syndrome. Then, they were informed that her condition would be a form of dwarfism. Then, even upon her seemingly "normal" birth, they diagnosed her with some medical condition having to do with her thyroid. My sister's pregnancy and the initial weeks of motherhood were extremely stressful and trying. However, her trust in God's sovereignty never wavered. Maggi and my brother-in-law were amazing examples of grace and strong faith to everyone around them. They were resolved, positive and committed to glorifying God no matter what the future held. My niece, Sophie, is a perfectly healthy almost-four-year old. And my family is eternally grateful. However, rest assured and have no doubt, that if the tests results and reality had been different, my sister, my brother-in-law and our combined families, would still be eternally grateful and blessed by her addition to our lives. We would have loved Sophie no matter what. She would have been nurtured and adored and given the best life possible. Her "abnormalities", whatever they might have been, would have been completely irrelevant when compared to the perfection of her creation. There was never talk of an abortion. There was never a moment when my sweet sister and her precious husband considered playing God. Never, ever, ever. Some of the most amazing children I have ever known have been "different" by society's standards. Some of the most incredible parents I have ever encountered are the ones raising children that aren't considered "perfect" by the world. And the common thread that I find in these families is that of selflessness and love. All children are a blessing from God and deserve to be loved and given a chance at life.
Okay, I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say that Wendy "trendy running shoes" Davis would have had an abortion if the doctors had told her the baby's eye color was not what she desired. She is PRO-ABORTION. End of story. She sees babies as disposable fetuses and inconveniences. She garnered state and national attention because she filibustered a law that would end late term abortion. She is a blonde-headed, well-spoken, feminist monster. I can't believe I am even discussing her and her campaign for Texas governor. Now, let me be clear, I don't judge her for having an abortion. That judgment will be between Ms. Davis and God. However, I absolutely condemn her lack of remorse and her flippant attitude toward the taking of innocent life. It's as if Wendy "Barbie-wanna-be" Davis and other liberal harpies like her, want other women to condone the murder of babies and have abortions so that their misery can have company. I guess they think they will feel less guilt if they can delude themselves and others into believing abortion is okay and legal and, what did Margaret Sanger say, "the kindest thing a large family can do for their unborn". Yeah, a woman, a feminist, a liberal icon, said that abortion was kind. Seriously. I can't make this stuff up.
This weekend the British Royal family announced that Prince William and Duchess Kate are preggers again!! That is awesome!! Congrats to the happy couple. And all around the world, to include the USA, the headlines read: "Another Royal Baby", "A New Baby for the Prince and Duchess." The headlines didn't read: "Another Royal Fetus", or "A New Bundle of Cells for the Prince and Princess". No, the media and the world recognized the joy of the young family's news and recognized the announcement for what it was: the announcement of a new and precious LIFE.
Women, yes us, the ones blessed with wombs and breasts, we are God's chosen vessel for facilitating the miracle of life. We can choose to proudly embrace that calling without conditions or we can choose to allow a fallen, sin-filled society to convince us that we are gods in our own right and therefore, capable of wielding the power of life and death. Or we can choose to see ourselves as honored, above men, because we have been given the incredible gift of carrying and sustaining human life. We can choose to continue to forfeit that gift for temporary, earthly gratifications that will fade away with time. Or we can choose to set our eyes on things eternal and remember that the LORD knit each of us together in our mother's wombs and that He has a plan for each and every life He creates. Ladies, we are better than this. We are better than the Wendy Davises of our society. We are simply better. I don't know why we have allowed our gender to be infiltrated and controlled by a mindset of selfishness and greed. I will never understand the mentality of the pro-abortion movement. I will never understand the confusion associated with the sanctity of human life. I will never understand why we are even having this legislative debate. I will simply never understand the killing of innocent babies. Never, ever, ever.

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