OPERATION FIERCE TRUTH: This One's For the Girls!!

"Women, like men, should try to do the impossible. And when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others."
--Amelia Earhart 

A couple of nights ago, I had a women's meeting. From the outside looking in, I am sure our gathering looked like a book club or bible study or some type of community organizational meeting complete with coffee, cookies, fun-sized chocolate candy bars and of course, my required Dr. Pepper. But if an overly curious bystander were to come a little closer and listen a little harder, I think they would have been shocked and surprised at the content of our group's conversation and our mission oriented focus.

Rest assured, we weren't discussing crumpets, romance novels or horticulture.

You see, I was at my monthly Republican Women's meeting. I was in the midst of some pretty awesome women. Women of all ages, backgrounds, and socio-economical situations. These ladies are impressive, formidable political and spiritual warriors from my community who take time out of their lives to serve, volunteer, teach, inform, pray, and advocate on behalf of conservative men and women. As a group, these lovely ladies are completely committed to God, our nation, the sanctity of life, the preservation of traditional marriage, freedom of speech, family values, financial responsibility, the 2nd Amendment, our military service members, border security, energy independence, reducing entitlements, and improving education. Yeah, we really do know about ALL that stuff...

Contrary to liberal belief, conservative women aren't a bunch of simple-minded ladies twiddling our thumbs. We aren't sacrificial lambs in the "big-bad-republican war on women". We aren't a group of easily manipulated minions waiting for our fallen society or those in the grossly entrenched GOP to tell us what to think, what to believe or what to do. 

We are moms, grandmothers, wives, widows, divorcees. We are rich, poor, young, old, well-spoken and not-so-eloquent. Some within our ranks are fairly new to the area while others are born and raised Hopkins County. Some, like myself, are outspoken and divisive, while others are quiet, kind and subtle. Some are extremely well-informed on all political and social issues while others are committed to and focused on one specific cause. Yes, we read newspapers, work full-time, pay bills, attend church, vote, have social media accounts, watch television, serve as dugout mom, and volunteer at soup kitchens and organizations like Meal A Day. You see, we are just like those "liberated" liberal women--except for one BIG difference: we aren't deceived.

These conservative women are fierce, fiery and extraordinarily classy. These ladies are the eptiome of equality-- real equality--a perfect representation of our victory during suffrage and our place within the contemporary political structure. This group of "wonder women", (yes, that's what I affectionately call them because I was given "power" bracelets and a Wonder Woman crown upon induction as Vice-President) are fighting the good fight not only on behalf of women, but ALL Americans. We are confident and hopeful and completely invested in our homes and communities. 

This group is comprised of leaders and fighters who have decided they are unwilling to surrender their freedoms and their values in the name of political correctness, tolerance and "love". These ladies are big-picture thinkers, yet are realists with tremendous common sense who offer practical solutions. Our goals as a group aren't lofty, selfish or out of touch. 

But admittedly, our opinions are not vogue, trendy and popular in our modern culture. And although, it sometimes bothers me, ultimately, I'm okay with not being popular. I've always preferred being right.

This group of ladies that I have the privilege of meeting with once a month, restores my faith in my gender. Because I'll be honest, sometimes I am so stinkin' embarrassed of my "girl-ness". I get so sick and tired of women allowing themselves to be used, abused and defined by our society. I get so irritated with my gender and it's willingness to play the victim and blame all female problems on everyone but ourselves. I get so annoyed by our double talk, gender insecurities and our easily manipulated minds.

So, ladies, the time has come. Stop allowing men like Harry "Don't Ask Me How I Got My Money" Reid or Barrack "Hussein is a Bad Enough Middle Name" Obama to use you for their own political gain. Quit allowing Wendy "Abortion Barbie" Davis and other liberal harpies to define you and mislead you. Please stop forfeiting your freedoms, mortgaging your children's futures and selling your fickled souls because the Left is trying to scare you into believing that abortion is the only way to equality, the definition of marriage really doesn't matter, big oil is bad and taxes are good, gray haired men want to keep you barefoot and in the kitchen and war is completely unnecessary. 

It is time to snap out of it, ladies!! Seriously. We are women!! We are smart!! We are gifted and beautiful and important. And we could be powerful, crazy powerful, beyond our wildest imaginations, if we would be willing to admit our failures and misdeeds and begin the painful but worthy process of moral restoration. 

Let's do this ladies. It's time.


OPERATION FIERCE TRUTH: See, I REALLY, TRULY, COMPLETELY believe all of the things I say.

"The Left despises Texas, with its stellar record of job growth; Texas, with its strong support for traditional marriage and the sanctity of life; Texas, the root of the conservative tree. Should the Left succeed in its attempt to turn Texas purple, America could turn permanently blue." --Ben Shapiro

I just love my small, Texas hometown. Seriously, it's an awesome place. People are friendly. Well, most of them are least to your face. Children are safe to ride their bicycles and Trick or Treat. The pace of life is slow and the spirit of God, recognized. We have Stew Fests and pageant winning royals known as Dairy Queens. Friday evenings during the Fall, our little town shuts down in good, ole Texas fashion because everyone knows that Friday nights are all about high school football, marching bands and bright lights. Our downtown square is historic and beautiful and home to an amazing Veteran's Memorial that honors our local heroes and inspires a younger generation to step up and take the torch. Truly, it is a privilege to live in this place, it is an honor to do life with these people. Well, most of these people anyway!!

But the thing that is most endearing about my little country cove, is the unbelievable generosity of our people. We are a fund-raising, 5k running, crawfish boiling, cupcake selling, t-shirt wearing, dinner-out-at-Chili's-donating group of people who really gets what is means to "take care of our own".

I am proud to be part of a community that is generous and kind and giving. I am proud of the charitable spirit that so defines not only my small hometown, but so many small communities across the great state of Texas.

And ladies and gentlemen, the above mentioned goodness is why I am such an outspoken, Facebook ranting, argue-with-a-perfect-stranger kind of Conservative. See, I REALLY, TRULY, COMPLETELY believe all of the things I say.

I believe that Texans are good family folks. I believe we care about our children and want them to grow up in safe neighborhoods and be able to enjoy the fun, fairy-tale, dress-up-like-a-super-hero moments of young life that so completely define childhood.

But in order to be a princess or Superman at Halloween, one must first be given the opportunity to be born.

I believe that Texans, as a whole, are God-fearing. There are, unfortunately, always a few bad apples in the bunch. But more often than not, I believe we pray, we love, we believe and we are thankful. I believe we understand the sacrifice of our crucified Savior and are deeply committed to being a light in this world of darkness, a beacon of hope to the lost.

But in order to fully appreciate the blessings associated with our salvation in Christ and our good fortune of being born free (AKA American) to exercise and practice our faith, we must recognize God and His sovereignty. You cannot love and revere what you refuse to acknowledge. It just doesn't work that way.

I believe that Texans are committed to preserving the positive and worthy aspects of tradition while at the same time moving forward and embracing progress and change. Tradition isn't by nature bad. And progress isn't by definition good. A balance is required. We, as a state, have spoken loudly and clearly as to how we see and define certain institutions and issues. We haven't been ambiguous or lukewarm.

But in order to promote our firmly held beliefs and in order to fight for what we know is right, we must first be willing to identify the enemy. We must first be willing to hold people accountable for their misguidance and their ill-motivated agendas. We must be bold enough to call out what is wrong and unacceptable and contradictory to our faith. If we aren't willing to acknowledge a battle, we will never win the war.

I believe that Texans are a giving bunch of people!! Heck, I have seen this with my own two eyes!! We give and give and give and give. We help the needy, take care of the sick, educate the ones seeking to better themselves and harbor the innocent. Yes, we fail. Because we are human. There is no such thing as perfection...remember, once upon a time, perfection took the form of a man and we, humanity, beat him and hung him on a wooden cross. But in spite of our imperfection, I believe that we are a charitable state willing to help our neighbors and complete strangers.

But giving unlimited amounts of money to people who are unwilling to help themselves isn't helpful or kind. It is manipulative and self-serving. We must teach people to fend for themselves. We must equip people to think for themselves and provide for their families. We need to teach problem solving instead of dependency. We need to focus on helping people but not enabling their slothfulness. We need to be committed to breaking cycles of dependency, abuse, poverty and addiction instead of perpetuating them. Taxation isn't a way of helping people, taxation is a method of control.

I love Hopkins County. I love Texas. I love America. I love, love, love this amazing democratic experiment that created a nation like no other. I love that a week from today, people of all ages, races, genders, faiths, and socio-economical backgrounds will flock to the polls and cast their votes in ever-present freedom. I love that we can disagree and still be united. I love that we can fight across political lines but still speak to each other in restaurants. You know who you are!!

I love and stand amazed that I, a completely ordinary, small town, conservative, country girl can rant and rave and preach and screech about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without fear of retribution. I love that you can choose to openly agree or disagree. I love the beauty of our system and the tremendous power it affords us. Former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger once said, "For other nations, utopia is a blessed past never to be recovered; for Americans it is just beyond the horizon." 

I am blessed and so are you. How will you choose to use it?



      "To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them."

                   - George Mason

So, I'll admit it, I am often times discouraged by the negative and hate-filled responses to my blog. Now don't get me wrong, it obviously doesn't deter me or stop me from writing or speaking or getting into "friendly" Facebook debates. But admittedly, I do sometimes get frustrated. However, some days I truly believe that the LORD is showing me favor and encouraging my blog. I have felt this regularly as of late due to the enormous amount of subject matter He has provided for my blogging benefit!!

And today, He showed Himself faithful, once again, by providing yet another profound example of liberal hypocrisy for me discuss. 

Here we go...

Today I worked a two hour shift at the Hopkins County Republican Party's booth at my small town's annual Fall Festival. As I entered the area of our civic center where the booths were set up, I passed the Democratic Party's booth and couldn't help but scoff at their donkey balloons and Wendy "Nightmare" Davis stickers. Sorry, I can't help it. I am fallen and human and caddyness just wells up in me at times. 

Continuing on...

As I made my way down the crowded aisle, I saw that my destination was beautifully adorned in red, white and blue!! My caddyness slightly dissipated and my pride of being an American completely washed over me. The Republican booth was decorated with patriotic decor, offered copies of the Constitution and displayed each Republican candidate's sign. This was my happy place. Our local party was also raffling off and displaying a ladies' silver bracelet and a .22 rifle. 

After about an hour of greeting people, visiting with passerby friends and inquiring as to the voter registration status of any who passed by, a young man walked up to me. He smiled and said, "so, I just left the Democrat's booth. And they are raffling off a shotgun too." His smile turned somewhat into a frown as he continued speaking and said, "don't you think it's a little ironic that they are raffling off and wanting to give me a gun today when so many in their party are trying to take my guns away from me?" 


And that my friends is what it sounds like when common sense meets hypocrisy!!

And after I closed my shocked but completely impressed mouth, I started laughing. Almost hysterically. Like, giggles. I wanted to shout "hallelujah" and "amen" at the top of my lungs. His poignant, honest analysis of the situation was awesomeness and I would have probably kissed him full on the mouth if I weren't so happily married!!

See, people, there are those who are capable of seeing through the smoke and mirrors. There are Americans in touch, informed and annoyed by the antics and politics of the out-of-control Left. As  Conservatives, it's our job to find them and encourage them to get involved. 

After visiting with the young man, my chosen rock star of the day, I found out that he was registered and planning to vote early next week. Thank you, God for placing that enormously cool dude in my path today--I needed his wisdom and truth. 

Ladies and gents, I'll say it once again: it's our time, our moment, our chance in history to restore our country to greatness and re-establish Her long-held values. And if we don't take this bull by the horns and fight the good fight, we will have no one to blame but ourselves. 



"I have found it easier to identify with the characters who verge upon hysteria, who were frightened of life, who were desperate to reach out to another person. But these seemingly fragile people are the strong people really." --Tennessee Williams

So, last week, I experienced a Facebook first. On October 17th, I authored a status update where I discussed three topics: Ebola and the president's delayed and failed response, Houston's mayor, Ms. Annise "Lesbo" Parker and her "overly broad" subpoena and the abortive mommy known as "H" who penned a "heartwarming" (Cosmopolitan magazine's terminology, not mine) letter to her unborn child explaining her rationale for aborting him or her. Yeah, you can imagine the overall tone of my rhetoric. In the section of commentary where I discussed Houston's new openly gay, nightmare-of-a-mayor, I made reference to Wendy "Abortion Barbie" Davis. Well, boy howdy!! I struck a nerve with a local gentleman who will remain unnamed. He must have a little-bitty, teeny tiny crush on the blond-headed nightmare running for Texas Governor! Normally, when somebody disagrees with my posts, they comment on the original post or send me a nasty private message. But not this dude! He was really pissed!!

For those of you who are familiar with Facebook, you will know that when someone "shares" your status update, you get a notification similar to that of a new comment and "like". This particular person decided to "share" my post and write an accompanying post of their own. I have to admit, I was sort of flattered. 

Now, don't get me wrong, the unnamed person "sharing" my post was a stark-raving lunatic. Bless his sweet heart. In his introductory post, he ranted and raved (hypothetically speaking, of course) about Wendy "Trendy Running shoes" Davis having two abortions after being "gang raped by 5 or 6 black thugs"...yeah, seriously. But remember, I'm the racist. And he went on and on and on and called into question my faith, my love for Jesus and my intelligence. Oh, the joys of informed debate and healthy banter!!

And in response to his "heartwarming" post and my "shared" status, one person commented. (I "liked" both the Unnamed Man's "shared" post and the commentator's (Unnamed Man #2's) response because I wanted them to know that I had, in fact, seen their idiocy and chosen not to dignify their stupidity with a response.) There were no other "likes" when I checked this morning.

Here is the second unnamed man's comment:

  "[Unnamed man #1] no use she is convinced that Obama is the worst thing this country has every saw!"despit"

Wow. Profound. I was moved. At first, I laughed. However, I reread the comment and found my attention focused on the final word, "despit". This term got me to thinking...


Is that some sort of derogatory term for conservative? Is that a liberal nickname for women who don't buy into their "war on women"? Is that a word to describe people who have jobs and are tired of paying for unemployed people's cigarettes and beer? 

No. Wait. Hold on. When considered in context of the entire comment, I think Unnamed Man #2 meant "desperate". 


Of all the names I have been called, of all the accusations leveled at me, this man finally hit the freakin' nail on the head!! 

Yes!! I am TOTALLY desperate!! I am desperate to save my nation from liberal ruin. I am desperate to insure my children's future. I am desperate for spiritual revival in our churches, communities and country. I am desperate for our leaders to stop being fearful and begin being bold. I am desperate for women to rise above the lies and deceptions that are creating a culture of murder and narcissism. I am desperate for marriage to either remain traditionally defined or be removed from the government's range of control. I am desperate to preserve the freedoms bestowed upon me and honor the sacrifices of heroes who paid the ultimate price. I am desperate to teach my children the value of a dollar and the importance of personal accountability. I am desperate for people of all races and background to stand up, stand firm and stand together. I am desperate to be a light in the darkness. I am desperate for Jesus to stir the hearts of the fallen, save the souls of the lost and return to bring His people home. Yes, sir. I am totally, completely and absolutely desperate.

And P.S. Unnamed Man #2, if that isn't what you meant to say, if "despit" really isn't "desperate", then consider yourself lucky today. I have given you credit when none was due.    


OPERATION FIERCE TRUTH: One day, I will explain that in this life you are one of two things: a giver or a taker.

"People like getting what they think is free stuff from government." --John Stossel
**Warning: This post could be offensive if you believe in "free stuff".
Yesterday, I found myself at the ER with our youngest dumpling. She fell from a barstool the night before and hurt her elbow. I thought it would just stop hurting, but unfortunately, it didn't. So, yes, we spent our Thursday afternoon in the local emergency room, with kind and courteous X-ray technicians, and friendly nurses. After a brief wait, they explained that she had a contusion--that's medical terminology for a bruise (but I just feel so smart using the word)--and next week, she will need a follow up with an orthopedic doctor to make sure there are no issues with growth plates or a hair line fracture. Terrific. Great. Whew...but still phooey!! But trust me, I have a healthy perspective. This is really nothing. Not when compared to children facing and fighting cancer, diabetes or other chronic, possibly deadly diseases. Fractures and contusions I can handle. Thank you, sweet Jesus.
And as the day was ending and my husband and I were getting our little ones ready for bed, my husband inquired as to the cost of the day's hospital visit. I informed him that I hadn't been asked to pay anything because we have met our annual deductible and our insurance should cover us completely from here on out. My sweet husband's reply: "sweet!". However, our 7 year old son looked at me and asked, "Mommy, you mean it was free?"
My response was instantaneous. "No son, it was NOT free. Nothing in life is free. Your daddy works a second job with the Texas Army National Guard so that we can have Tricare Health insurance. Your daddy EARNS our healthcare insurance by serving our great state once a month and two weeks every summer. Son, everything in life has a price. You may be fortunate enough one day to receive something for "free", but rest assured, sweet boy, someone else paid for it." His big blue eyes met mine with a mixture of curiosity and exhaustion and as he looked from his father to me again, he simply said, "Okay, Mom. Thanks, Dad."
I know it will not surprise y'all at all, but this quick exchange got me to thinking. It would have been so easy, and even somewhat accurate for me to simply say, "yes, son, it was free." But that isn't the reality and it doesn't do our children any favors if we give them false expectations or misrepresented information. No, I didn't launch off into an in depth explanation of how taxpayers fund our military and their benefits. I didn't explain to my 7 year old that since Daddy and I pay taxes, we are in fact, paying a portion of our benefits--therefore, essentially providing a public service for a very reduced price. No, I didn't rant to my child. But one day I will. One day I will begin teaching both of our children about the beauty of capitalism and the fairness of the free market. I will teach them about taxation and welfare, about entitlements and entrepreneurship. One day, I will explain that in this life you are one of two things: a giver or a taker. And hopefully, because of their inner ambition and their agreement with our guidance, they will choose wisely.


OPERATION FIERCE TRUTH: "Momma, is Obama a bad man?"

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." --Plato
Truth: on Sunday morning, I was startled awake by my five year old daughter's sweet voice saying, "Mommy, Obama is in our house." As you can probably imagine, my eyes flew open at once! And when I opened my sleepy eyes, I came face to face with a flash-card photograph of our Dear Leader. Once my panic subsided, I crawled out of bed, wrapped myself in my polka dotted robe and headed to the kitchen to discuss politics over powdered donuts and apple juice with my sweet girl.

My daughter and I were soon joined by my son and like her, he was curious as to why we would have a picture of Obama in our home. Obviously, they have heard me discuss my views!! :) Our conversation was utterly delightful! My five year old and my seven year old both asked lots of questions about Obama and many of the other presidents represented in the educational flash card game. After a while, my daughter asked, "Momma, is Obama a bad man?" I'll be honest, I intentionally bit my tongue. Hard. Like, I tasted blood. I quickly contemplated her innocent question and very carefully formulated my response. Knowing full well that whatever I said in that moment would undoubtedly be repeated loudly at an upcoming inopportune time...say, for instance, the check out line at Walmart where the gentleman waiting in line behind me would be sporting a "hopey-changey" support Obama t-shirt from the last presidential election. Yeah, I speak from experience. :)

So, after careful consideration I simply responded with, "Sweerheart, I don't know President Obama's heart. Only Jesus knows the true character of that man. However, I will tell you that he isn't a good president and here's why:  he doesn't love America like we love America. He doesn't view America the way Daddy and me view America. He doesn't believe she is wonderful and special and he wants to "fundamentally transform" her (Mommy, what does that mean?). Change her, baby, Obama wants to change her."

After they lost interest in our conversation and began playing with their Legos and baby dolls, I was left to ponder the enormous responsibility of my generation. I have forgotten which generation I am lumped in with---Gen X, Gen Y, or something along those lines. Whatever generation we are, we are a generation standing at a crossroads. The decisions we make, the officials we elect, the laws we implement, the social changes we establish, the sacrifices we make or in many cases, don't make, the debts we accumulate, the Allies we alienate, the failures we amass will eventually come back to haunt us. We are on track to bestow a bleak, dark legacy filled with angry Americans, a lost society and a fractured, weak nation. We are gambling with our children's and our grandchildren's futures. We are facing realities that our ancestors could never have imagined. Facing them and failing miserably. 

I know that many in my grandparent's generation see me and my thirty-something-year-old peers as lazy, entitled, overly educated, too busy and self-absorbed. And to a certain degree, they are correct in their analysis. My grandparent's generation sustained and secured freedom with blood, tears and sacrifice. My parent's generation began squandering that liberty by burning their bras, desecrating American flags and misplacing their social and family priorities. My generation has continued and exacerbated the selfish trends established by our parental units and added technology and it's constant distraction. But rest assured, it won't be selfishness or the iPhone that ultimately leads to my generation's demise--it will be our indifference and our fear. 

We are so scared of being disliked, misunderstood or politically incorrect. We are so scared of being called names, being criticized or losing. We are captives to our fears and therefore, so many of us, so much of the time are unproductive and useless. When you are paralyzed by fear, you become unable to pursue truth. When you are stuck in darkness, you become unable to see the light.

And friends, listen, The Light, is what we need. We can try and wrestle this beast of darkness and hope to be victorious but if we don't arm ourselves with something more than our human strength, we will never succeed. We are limited. We are fragile. We are fickled and easily confused. We need Jesus. We need to be fearless and strong and speak truth with love and compassion. We need to be protective of the blessings that have been bestowed upon us and our generation...blessings given to us by both an Almighty Creator and by brave American men and women who loved this land before us. We are so fortunate to live in America. We are so blessed to be American...and let me just pause here for a moment and say:  If you don't share my feelings of gratitude and thankfulness for America and Americans or if you don't like my country...THAT IS ABSOLUTELY FINE. I would simply invite you to LEAVE!! If America and Americans are SOOOO terrible, please do us both a favor and depart. You will feel better and so will I!!

Okay, I feel so much better now....

So, that night when I tucked my youngest dumpling into bed, I said "Sweetheart, promise Mommy that no matter what your little life holds, that you will stay true and strong and faithful. Promise Mommy that when you grow up you will remember the things that Daddy and I have taught you and that you will cling to them in times of uncertainty. (Yes, this is exactly how I speak to our children.) Promise Mommy that no matter what anyone else might do, you will stand up for what is right, what is good; promise Mommy that you will always stand up for Jesus and His truth." And as her beautiful brown eyes drooped and she stifled a yawn, she said, "I promise Mommy that I'll be good. I promise I won't be like Obama." Well, I couldn't help it...I kissed her on the forehead, smiled and thought to myself, Well done, Maci. Well done. :)


OPERATION FIERCE TRUTH: Seriously, this is me being nice...

"A lot of truth is said in jest." --Eminem
Okay, so apparently not everyone appreciates my awesome wit and incredible sense of humor!! Apparently, some people think I am "tacky" and "snide" and "rude" and "condescending" and "preachy" and yes, you guessed it, "intolerant". And then others think that since I am so "heartless" that I obviously don't have any feelings and therefore, any criticism leveled at me would be wasted. Wow, ya'll really have me figured out. (I'm being sarcastic for those of you who delight in misreading me.) Just trying to be helpful!!
Well, just for your information, I cry every single time I watch Bambi and Free Willy. I absolutely have feelings. 
So, today I am going to give my "snarkiness" a rest and be a bit more statistical and informational.
Let's talk facts:
1. The budget deficit continues to shrink in 2014, but federal debt is still growing.
The federal budget deficit for fiscal year 2014 will amount to $506 billion. At 2.9 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), this year's deficit will be much smaller than those of recent years (which reached almost 10 percent of GDP in 2009) and slightly below the average of federal deficits over the past 40 years. However, by CBO's estimates, federal debt held by the public will reach 74 percent of GDP at the end of this fiscal year—more than twice what it was at the end of 2007 and higher than in any year since 1950. (CBO website) So, I'm just curious...Obama has been President since 2008. Do we get to blame him for these numbers yet or are we still blaming everything on Bush?
2. Government Accountability Office released a report confirming that more than 1,000 Obamacare exchange plans cover elective abortion but remain eligible for taxpayer subsidies. (The Heritage Foundation) And although politicians on both sides of the aisle and our Dear Leader PROMISED that tax dollars would NOT go toward funding abortion, we know that over $1,055,000 of tax payer dollars were awarded to Planned Parenthood affiliates in Iowa and Montana to help "navigate" Americans attempting to enroll in Obamacare. Yeah, help "navigate". Sure, I believe you.
3. We have already spent $1 billion dollars bombing ISIS or (ISIL) and we still aren't winning. Wait, can you win an "operation"? After all, we AREN'T at war with radical Islamic's a campaign, right, Mr. President? (Deep breath...only facts, Maci, only facts. No one wants to know why you believe we still aren't winning.) The well-funded, well-armed terrorist militants, who love to behead children and rape and mutilate women, are nearing Baghdad, holding their ground at Fallujah and closing in on the Turkish border. Fan-freakin'-tastic. Oh, wait, I said I wasn't going to be snarky today!! Shoot!!
4. Marijuana remains illegal under federal law and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration classifies the drug as one of the "most dangerous." Nevertheless, support for marijuana legalization appears to be growing. Besides Colorado and Washington's recreational marijuana laws, 23 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medical use, and about a dozen others are likely to legalize cannabis in some form in the coming years. (Huffington Post) **I won't comment at this point on the issue I see with this smoke-ringed trend. Because remember, only facts today.
5. 19 states have legal gay marriage. (But a sole-proprietor baker, in the ever tolerant and hazy minded great state of Colorado, doesn't have the right to not make a same-sex wedding cake because it violates her closely-held religious beliefs. Yeah, I bet there was no other baker in Denver.) Interesting......
6. More than 30 million American school-aged children have been affected by Michelle "For the First Time in My Life I am Proud of my Country" Obama's food campaign. New federal guidelines supported by Mrs. Obama and implemented in schools across our nation, restrict what can be served in school cafeterias, what can be sold in vending machines and in some cases, what can be offered at extracurricular concession stands. Do y'all know what I could say about this?! Seriously, this is SOOOO hard.
7. Our Dear Leader used an executive order to ban the sell and purchase of an entire class of firearms, Kalashnikov firearms. Well, ain't that just peachy? How in the world am I supposed to "cling to my faith and my guns" if they keep making me take down the Ten Commandments and banning my favorite assault rifles? Geez...
Well, as y'all can see, it was near impossible to address some of the many issues I have without interjecting a bit of sarcasm and humor. But TRUTH be told, there is absolutely nothing funny about any of this. Nothing funny at all.


OPERATION FIERCE TRUTH: I am sick and tired of Democrats defining me.

This is me. I don't have a trust fund. In fact, my husband grew up in a trailer house and I grew up as a dairyman's daughter in a house my parents couldn't afford. I was rebellious and almost failed out of high school. But then I married a hero, a real hero, who wore camouflage and served our country. We have two children. I grocery shop at Walmart, love discount clothing stores, and once upon a time, I drove a used mini-van--which I LOVED until a rat died in the engine. We have student loans and credit card debt. Our family lives on a budget. In fact, my husband works two jobs to help make our family's ends meet. I have gay relatives and girlfriends who have had abortions. I have a wonderful nephew from Ethiopia and an amazing niece from China. I am teaching our children to see past race and roots and learn to love and work with ALL people. I am young, relatively speaking, and informed and committed to my LORD, my family, my community, state and nation. Don't I sound terrible?! 
"Liberalism is financed by the dividends from Conservatism."
 --Craig Bruce

Okay, so for years I have been saying, "I am a Conservative". I always explain that I affiliate with the Republican Party because it best represents my ideals and beliefs but that I am most definitely more conservative than many of the state and national Republicans representing me. In fact, many national Republicans make me want to vomit. Or better yet, punch them in the face.

And often times when I launch off into this explanation, I am met with an uncomfortable, even judgmental look or flippant verbal response. For some reason, the term "Conservative" has gotten a bad rap. For many, the label has a negative connotation. For some, the idea of conservatism means old, gray haired, wealthy, and out of touch. Those on the Left, use the term disparagingly and as a criticism for one's mentality. "OOOOHHHH, you're a Conservative. You must hate all people who aren't just like you." Seriously, I have actually had that said to me on more than one occasion.

Well, I'll be honest, that sort of stupidity really, really, chaps my Southern hide.
This is the presumed Democratic Presidential nominee for 2016...well, her and Adolf Hitler. Hillary Clinton is wealthy and considered by many in America and the world to be "political royalty". She is a politician by trade. She is a feminist. She is ruthless and calculating.  She believes in universal healthcare, global warming, re-distribution of wealth, abortion-on-demand, weakened military, gay marriage and higher taxes. Just to name a few. Doesn't she look friendly and down to earth and like she really gets the plight of the "everyday working Joe"? I bet her definition of "dead broke" is exactly the same as mine or my grandfather's, who had to quit school in the 8th grade to take care of his family. Yeah, I bet she really understands. (Can y'all feel my sarcasm?)  Her sentiments are strikingly familiar to those of another political nightmare--you guessed it, Adolf Hitler. When will Americans learn that socialism doesn't work and that tyrannical dictators, whether male or female, are nasty little buggers? Just wondering...  
Listen, I know everyone hates politics and that election years are the bane of many people's existence. But please, hear me out: Whether you like it or not, politics is the vehicle we have been given to attain change. Politics and legislation provide the avenue for which most social change occurs. All of you with 501C3's and other tax-exempt status organizations need to get real and understand that some piece of legislation written by a politician and voted upon by elected officials provides you the comfort and security from which you perform your valuable duties. Yes, we can pray. And we should. However, prayer sometimes needs to be paired with action, real action. 

Democrats have proven exceptionally gifted at rallying their grassroots base the last two elections. Primarily because of Obama's appeal but also because they were so pissed off at Bush. We cannot underestimate them. They are going to use every weapon in their well-funded, progressive arsenal to catapult their chosen puppets into power. 

Conservatives are going to have to get themselves together. We are going to have to stop fighting amongst ourselves and channel our energy into defeating these progressive, socialist wolves in sheep's clothing. Don't let the media or Facebook or Twitter or your liberal harpie friend or co-worker define you. Don't allow people to call you close-minded and intolerant. Speak up. Defend yourself. Don't be afraid of being called a name--they are already doing that to you!! Democrats have proven, especially over the last six years, that they are the intolerant, super-sensitive ones. 

We need to get our message out. We have a good message, a message filled with hope and accountability and progress and tradition and strength and love and God and freedom. We have failed the last two decades at effectively communicating our cause. We need to be respectful, yet firm. We need to laugh at ourselves and be willing to admit that our party is a hot mess. We need to be willing to negotiate when possible while at the same time never wavering on what we know to be right. We need young faces and wise minds. We need women who are secure in themselves and their accomplishments to speak out about how the "war on women" is a truck load of crap. We need to have a well-organized ground force, comprised of young and old, black and white, men and women. We need to be inclusive while staying true to our core--we can't lower our standards to meet the masses. We must raise them up with us. And although that seems like a daunting task, it is possible. I promise.

Democrats are not going to define me any longer. They aren't going to speak over me, speak for me, or misconstrue what I believe.  

It's our time peeps. Let's do this!!