"To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them."

                   - George Mason

So, I'll admit it, I am often times discouraged by the negative and hate-filled responses to my blog. Now don't get me wrong, it obviously doesn't deter me or stop me from writing or speaking or getting into "friendly" Facebook debates. But admittedly, I do sometimes get frustrated. However, some days I truly believe that the LORD is showing me favor and encouraging my blog. I have felt this regularly as of late due to the enormous amount of subject matter He has provided for my blogging benefit!!

And today, He showed Himself faithful, once again, by providing yet another profound example of liberal hypocrisy for me discuss. 

Here we go...

Today I worked a two hour shift at the Hopkins County Republican Party's booth at my small town's annual Fall Festival. As I entered the area of our civic center where the booths were set up, I passed the Democratic Party's booth and couldn't help but scoff at their donkey balloons and Wendy "Nightmare" Davis stickers. Sorry, I can't help it. I am fallen and human and caddyness just wells up in me at times. 

Continuing on...

As I made my way down the crowded aisle, I saw that my destination was beautifully adorned in red, white and blue!! My caddyness slightly dissipated and my pride of being an American completely washed over me. The Republican booth was decorated with patriotic decor, offered copies of the Constitution and displayed each Republican candidate's sign. This was my happy place. Our local party was also raffling off and displaying a ladies' silver bracelet and a .22 rifle. 

After about an hour of greeting people, visiting with passerby friends and inquiring as to the voter registration status of any who passed by, a young man walked up to me. He smiled and said, "so, I just left the Democrat's booth. And they are raffling off a shotgun too." His smile turned somewhat into a frown as he continued speaking and said, "don't you think it's a little ironic that they are raffling off and wanting to give me a gun today when so many in their party are trying to take my guns away from me?" 


And that my friends is what it sounds like when common sense meets hypocrisy!!

And after I closed my shocked but completely impressed mouth, I started laughing. Almost hysterically. Like, giggles. I wanted to shout "hallelujah" and "amen" at the top of my lungs. His poignant, honest analysis of the situation was awesomeness and I would have probably kissed him full on the mouth if I weren't so happily married!!

See, people, there are those who are capable of seeing through the smoke and mirrors. There are Americans in touch, informed and annoyed by the antics and politics of the out-of-control Left. As  Conservatives, it's our job to find them and encourage them to get involved. 

After visiting with the young man, my chosen rock star of the day, I found out that he was registered and planning to vote early next week. Thank you, God for placing that enormously cool dude in my path today--I needed his wisdom and truth. 

Ladies and gents, I'll say it once again: it's our time, our moment, our chance in history to restore our country to greatness and re-establish Her long-held values. And if we don't take this bull by the horns and fight the good fight, we will have no one to blame but ourselves. 

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