OPERATION FIERCE TRUTH: I am sick and tired of Democrats defining me.

This is me. I don't have a trust fund. In fact, my husband grew up in a trailer house and I grew up as a dairyman's daughter in a house my parents couldn't afford. I was rebellious and almost failed out of high school. But then I married a hero, a real hero, who wore camouflage and served our country. We have two children. I grocery shop at Walmart, love discount clothing stores, and once upon a time, I drove a used mini-van--which I LOVED until a rat died in the engine. We have student loans and credit card debt. Our family lives on a budget. In fact, my husband works two jobs to help make our family's ends meet. I have gay relatives and girlfriends who have had abortions. I have a wonderful nephew from Ethiopia and an amazing niece from China. I am teaching our children to see past race and roots and learn to love and work with ALL people. I am young, relatively speaking, and informed and committed to my LORD, my family, my community, state and nation. Don't I sound terrible?! 
"Liberalism is financed by the dividends from Conservatism."
 --Craig Bruce

Okay, so for years I have been saying, "I am a Conservative". I always explain that I affiliate with the Republican Party because it best represents my ideals and beliefs but that I am most definitely more conservative than many of the state and national Republicans representing me. In fact, many national Republicans make me want to vomit. Or better yet, punch them in the face.

And often times when I launch off into this explanation, I am met with an uncomfortable, even judgmental look or flippant verbal response. For some reason, the term "Conservative" has gotten a bad rap. For many, the label has a negative connotation. For some, the idea of conservatism means old, gray haired, wealthy, and out of touch. Those on the Left, use the term disparagingly and as a criticism for one's mentality. "OOOOHHHH, you're a Conservative. You must hate all people who aren't just like you." Seriously, I have actually had that said to me on more than one occasion.

Well, I'll be honest, that sort of stupidity really, really, chaps my Southern hide.
This is the presumed Democratic Presidential nominee for 2016...well, her and Adolf Hitler. Hillary Clinton is wealthy and considered by many in America and the world to be "political royalty". She is a politician by trade. She is a feminist. She is ruthless and calculating.  She believes in universal healthcare, global warming, re-distribution of wealth, abortion-on-demand, weakened military, gay marriage and higher taxes. Just to name a few. Doesn't she look friendly and down to earth and like she really gets the plight of the "everyday working Joe"? I bet her definition of "dead broke" is exactly the same as mine or my grandfather's, who had to quit school in the 8th grade to take care of his family. Yeah, I bet she really understands. (Can y'all feel my sarcasm?)  Her sentiments are strikingly familiar to those of another political nightmare--you guessed it, Adolf Hitler. When will Americans learn that socialism doesn't work and that tyrannical dictators, whether male or female, are nasty little buggers? Just wondering...  
Listen, I know everyone hates politics and that election years are the bane of many people's existence. But please, hear me out: Whether you like it or not, politics is the vehicle we have been given to attain change. Politics and legislation provide the avenue for which most social change occurs. All of you with 501C3's and other tax-exempt status organizations need to get real and understand that some piece of legislation written by a politician and voted upon by elected officials provides you the comfort and security from which you perform your valuable duties. Yes, we can pray. And we should. However, prayer sometimes needs to be paired with action, real action. 

Democrats have proven exceptionally gifted at rallying their grassroots base the last two elections. Primarily because of Obama's appeal but also because they were so pissed off at Bush. We cannot underestimate them. They are going to use every weapon in their well-funded, progressive arsenal to catapult their chosen puppets into power. 

Conservatives are going to have to get themselves together. We are going to have to stop fighting amongst ourselves and channel our energy into defeating these progressive, socialist wolves in sheep's clothing. Don't let the media or Facebook or Twitter or your liberal harpie friend or co-worker define you. Don't allow people to call you close-minded and intolerant. Speak up. Defend yourself. Don't be afraid of being called a name--they are already doing that to you!! Democrats have proven, especially over the last six years, that they are the intolerant, super-sensitive ones. 

We need to get our message out. We have a good message, a message filled with hope and accountability and progress and tradition and strength and love and God and freedom. We have failed the last two decades at effectively communicating our cause. We need to be respectful, yet firm. We need to laugh at ourselves and be willing to admit that our party is a hot mess. We need to be willing to negotiate when possible while at the same time never wavering on what we know to be right. We need young faces and wise minds. We need women who are secure in themselves and their accomplishments to speak out about how the "war on women" is a truck load of crap. We need to have a well-organized ground force, comprised of young and old, black and white, men and women. We need to be inclusive while staying true to our core--we can't lower our standards to meet the masses. We must raise them up with us. And although that seems like a daunting task, it is possible. I promise.

Democrats are not going to define me any longer. They aren't going to speak over me, speak for me, or misconstrue what I believe.  

It's our time peeps. Let's do this!!