OPERATION FIERCE TRUTH: "Momma, is Obama a bad man?"

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." --Plato
Truth: on Sunday morning, I was startled awake by my five year old daughter's sweet voice saying, "Mommy, Obama is in our house." As you can probably imagine, my eyes flew open at once! And when I opened my sleepy eyes, I came face to face with a flash-card photograph of our Dear Leader. Once my panic subsided, I crawled out of bed, wrapped myself in my polka dotted robe and headed to the kitchen to discuss politics over powdered donuts and apple juice with my sweet girl.

My daughter and I were soon joined by my son and like her, he was curious as to why we would have a picture of Obama in our home. Obviously, they have heard me discuss my views!! :) Our conversation was utterly delightful! My five year old and my seven year old both asked lots of questions about Obama and many of the other presidents represented in the educational flash card game. After a while, my daughter asked, "Momma, is Obama a bad man?" I'll be honest, I intentionally bit my tongue. Hard. Like, I tasted blood. I quickly contemplated her innocent question and very carefully formulated my response. Knowing full well that whatever I said in that moment would undoubtedly be repeated loudly at an upcoming inopportune time...say, for instance, the check out line at Walmart where the gentleman waiting in line behind me would be sporting a "hopey-changey" support Obama t-shirt from the last presidential election. Yeah, I speak from experience. :)

So, after careful consideration I simply responded with, "Sweerheart, I don't know President Obama's heart. Only Jesus knows the true character of that man. However, I will tell you that he isn't a good president and here's why:  he doesn't love America like we love America. He doesn't view America the way Daddy and me view America. He doesn't believe she is wonderful and special and he wants to "fundamentally transform" her (Mommy, what does that mean?). Change her, baby, Obama wants to change her."

After they lost interest in our conversation and began playing with their Legos and baby dolls, I was left to ponder the enormous responsibility of my generation. I have forgotten which generation I am lumped in with---Gen X, Gen Y, or something along those lines. Whatever generation we are, we are a generation standing at a crossroads. The decisions we make, the officials we elect, the laws we implement, the social changes we establish, the sacrifices we make or in many cases, don't make, the debts we accumulate, the Allies we alienate, the failures we amass will eventually come back to haunt us. We are on track to bestow a bleak, dark legacy filled with angry Americans, a lost society and a fractured, weak nation. We are gambling with our children's and our grandchildren's futures. We are facing realities that our ancestors could never have imagined. Facing them and failing miserably. 

I know that many in my grandparent's generation see me and my thirty-something-year-old peers as lazy, entitled, overly educated, too busy and self-absorbed. And to a certain degree, they are correct in their analysis. My grandparent's generation sustained and secured freedom with blood, tears and sacrifice. My parent's generation began squandering that liberty by burning their bras, desecrating American flags and misplacing their social and family priorities. My generation has continued and exacerbated the selfish trends established by our parental units and added technology and it's constant distraction. But rest assured, it won't be selfishness or the iPhone that ultimately leads to my generation's demise--it will be our indifference and our fear. 

We are so scared of being disliked, misunderstood or politically incorrect. We are so scared of being called names, being criticized or losing. We are captives to our fears and therefore, so many of us, so much of the time are unproductive and useless. When you are paralyzed by fear, you become unable to pursue truth. When you are stuck in darkness, you become unable to see the light.

And friends, listen, The Light, is what we need. We can try and wrestle this beast of darkness and hope to be victorious but if we don't arm ourselves with something more than our human strength, we will never succeed. We are limited. We are fragile. We are fickled and easily confused. We need Jesus. We need to be fearless and strong and speak truth with love and compassion. We need to be protective of the blessings that have been bestowed upon us and our generation...blessings given to us by both an Almighty Creator and by brave American men and women who loved this land before us. We are so fortunate to live in America. We are so blessed to be American...and let me just pause here for a moment and say:  If you don't share my feelings of gratitude and thankfulness for America and Americans or if you don't like my country...THAT IS ABSOLUTELY FINE. I would simply invite you to LEAVE!! If America and Americans are SOOOO terrible, please do us both a favor and depart. You will feel better and so will I!!

Okay, I feel so much better now....

So, that night when I tucked my youngest dumpling into bed, I said "Sweetheart, promise Mommy that no matter what your little life holds, that you will stay true and strong and faithful. Promise Mommy that when you grow up you will remember the things that Daddy and I have taught you and that you will cling to them in times of uncertainty. (Yes, this is exactly how I speak to our children.) Promise Mommy that no matter what anyone else might do, you will stand up for what is right, what is good; promise Mommy that you will always stand up for Jesus and His truth." And as her beautiful brown eyes drooped and she stifled a yawn, she said, "I promise Mommy that I'll be good. I promise I won't be like Obama." Well, I couldn't help it...I kissed her on the forehead, smiled and thought to myself, Well done, Maci. Well done. :)

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