OPERATION FIERCE TRUTH: This One's For the Girls!!

"Women, like men, should try to do the impossible. And when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others."
--Amelia Earhart 

A couple of nights ago, I had a women's meeting. From the outside looking in, I am sure our gathering looked like a book club or bible study or some type of community organizational meeting complete with coffee, cookies, fun-sized chocolate candy bars and of course, my required Dr. Pepper. But if an overly curious bystander were to come a little closer and listen a little harder, I think they would have been shocked and surprised at the content of our group's conversation and our mission oriented focus.

Rest assured, we weren't discussing crumpets, romance novels or horticulture.

You see, I was at my monthly Republican Women's meeting. I was in the midst of some pretty awesome women. Women of all ages, backgrounds, and socio-economical situations. These ladies are impressive, formidable political and spiritual warriors from my community who take time out of their lives to serve, volunteer, teach, inform, pray, and advocate on behalf of conservative men and women. As a group, these lovely ladies are completely committed to God, our nation, the sanctity of life, the preservation of traditional marriage, freedom of speech, family values, financial responsibility, the 2nd Amendment, our military service members, border security, energy independence, reducing entitlements, and improving education. Yeah, we really do know about ALL that stuff...

Contrary to liberal belief, conservative women aren't a bunch of simple-minded ladies twiddling our thumbs. We aren't sacrificial lambs in the "big-bad-republican war on women". We aren't a group of easily manipulated minions waiting for our fallen society or those in the grossly entrenched GOP to tell us what to think, what to believe or what to do. 

We are moms, grandmothers, wives, widows, divorcees. We are rich, poor, young, old, well-spoken and not-so-eloquent. Some within our ranks are fairly new to the area while others are born and raised Hopkins County. Some, like myself, are outspoken and divisive, while others are quiet, kind and subtle. Some are extremely well-informed on all political and social issues while others are committed to and focused on one specific cause. Yes, we read newspapers, work full-time, pay bills, attend church, vote, have social media accounts, watch television, serve as dugout mom, and volunteer at soup kitchens and organizations like Meal A Day. You see, we are just like those "liberated" liberal women--except for one BIG difference: we aren't deceived.

These conservative women are fierce, fiery and extraordinarily classy. These ladies are the eptiome of equality-- real equality--a perfect representation of our victory during suffrage and our place within the contemporary political structure. This group of "wonder women", (yes, that's what I affectionately call them because I was given "power" bracelets and a Wonder Woman crown upon induction as Vice-President) are fighting the good fight not only on behalf of women, but ALL Americans. We are confident and hopeful and completely invested in our homes and communities. 

This group is comprised of leaders and fighters who have decided they are unwilling to surrender their freedoms and their values in the name of political correctness, tolerance and "love". These ladies are big-picture thinkers, yet are realists with tremendous common sense who offer practical solutions. Our goals as a group aren't lofty, selfish or out of touch. 

But admittedly, our opinions are not vogue, trendy and popular in our modern culture. And although, it sometimes bothers me, ultimately, I'm okay with not being popular. I've always preferred being right.

This group of ladies that I have the privilege of meeting with once a month, restores my faith in my gender. Because I'll be honest, sometimes I am so stinkin' embarrassed of my "girl-ness". I get so sick and tired of women allowing themselves to be used, abused and defined by our society. I get so irritated with my gender and it's willingness to play the victim and blame all female problems on everyone but ourselves. I get so annoyed by our double talk, gender insecurities and our easily manipulated minds.

So, ladies, the time has come. Stop allowing men like Harry "Don't Ask Me How I Got My Money" Reid or Barrack "Hussein is a Bad Enough Middle Name" Obama to use you for their own political gain. Quit allowing Wendy "Abortion Barbie" Davis and other liberal harpies to define you and mislead you. Please stop forfeiting your freedoms, mortgaging your children's futures and selling your fickled souls because the Left is trying to scare you into believing that abortion is the only way to equality, the definition of marriage really doesn't matter, big oil is bad and taxes are good, gray haired men want to keep you barefoot and in the kitchen and war is completely unnecessary. 

It is time to snap out of it, ladies!! Seriously. We are women!! We are smart!! We are gifted and beautiful and important. And we could be powerful, crazy powerful, beyond our wildest imaginations, if we would be willing to admit our failures and misdeeds and begin the painful but worthy process of moral restoration. 

Let's do this ladies. It's time.

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