"I have found it easier to identify with the characters who verge upon hysteria, who were frightened of life, who were desperate to reach out to another person. But these seemingly fragile people are the strong people really." --Tennessee Williams

So, last week, I experienced a Facebook first. On October 17th, I authored a status update where I discussed three topics: Ebola and the president's delayed and failed response, Houston's mayor, Ms. Annise "Lesbo" Parker and her "overly broad" subpoena and the abortive mommy known as "H" who penned a "heartwarming" (Cosmopolitan magazine's terminology, not mine) letter to her unborn child explaining her rationale for aborting him or her. Yeah, you can imagine the overall tone of my rhetoric. In the section of commentary where I discussed Houston's new openly gay, nightmare-of-a-mayor, I made reference to Wendy "Abortion Barbie" Davis. Well, boy howdy!! I struck a nerve with a local gentleman who will remain unnamed. He must have a little-bitty, teeny tiny crush on the blond-headed nightmare running for Texas Governor! Normally, when somebody disagrees with my posts, they comment on the original post or send me a nasty private message. But not this dude! He was really pissed!!

For those of you who are familiar with Facebook, you will know that when someone "shares" your status update, you get a notification similar to that of a new comment and "like". This particular person decided to "share" my post and write an accompanying post of their own. I have to admit, I was sort of flattered. 

Now, don't get me wrong, the unnamed person "sharing" my post was a stark-raving lunatic. Bless his sweet heart. In his introductory post, he ranted and raved (hypothetically speaking, of course) about Wendy "Trendy Running shoes" Davis having two abortions after being "gang raped by 5 or 6 black thugs"...yeah, seriously. But remember, I'm the racist. And he went on and on and on and called into question my faith, my love for Jesus and my intelligence. Oh, the joys of informed debate and healthy banter!!

And in response to his "heartwarming" post and my "shared" status, one person commented. (I "liked" both the Unnamed Man's "shared" post and the commentator's (Unnamed Man #2's) response because I wanted them to know that I had, in fact, seen their idiocy and chosen not to dignify their stupidity with a response.) There were no other "likes" when I checked this morning.

Here is the second unnamed man's comment:

  "[Unnamed man #1] no use she is convinced that Obama is the worst thing this country has every saw!"despit"

Wow. Profound. I was moved. At first, I laughed. However, I reread the comment and found my attention focused on the final word, "despit". This term got me to thinking...


Is that some sort of derogatory term for conservative? Is that a liberal nickname for women who don't buy into their "war on women"? Is that a word to describe people who have jobs and are tired of paying for unemployed people's cigarettes and beer? 

No. Wait. Hold on. When considered in context of the entire comment, I think Unnamed Man #2 meant "desperate". 


Of all the names I have been called, of all the accusations leveled at me, this man finally hit the freakin' nail on the head!! 

Yes!! I am TOTALLY desperate!! I am desperate to save my nation from liberal ruin. I am desperate to insure my children's future. I am desperate for spiritual revival in our churches, communities and country. I am desperate for our leaders to stop being fearful and begin being bold. I am desperate for women to rise above the lies and deceptions that are creating a culture of murder and narcissism. I am desperate for marriage to either remain traditionally defined or be removed from the government's range of control. I am desperate to preserve the freedoms bestowed upon me and honor the sacrifices of heroes who paid the ultimate price. I am desperate to teach my children the value of a dollar and the importance of personal accountability. I am desperate for people of all races and background to stand up, stand firm and stand together. I am desperate to be a light in the darkness. I am desperate for Jesus to stir the hearts of the fallen, save the souls of the lost and return to bring His people home. Yes, sir. I am totally, completely and absolutely desperate.

And P.S. Unnamed Man #2, if that isn't what you meant to say, if "despit" really isn't "desperate", then consider yourself lucky today. I have given you credit when none was due.    


  1. Very appropriately and eloquently said. You are a skilled wordsmith and I am proud to a brother from another mother!

    1. Thank you so much, Bob!! We are indeed brother and sister from another mister!! :)

  2. Not sure the first response went thru so I'll try again. I REALLY enjoyed this article. Thanks for posting. Happy I've found you....can't wait to debate some of your "fans." The liberal ones of course!!

    1. Thank you so much Byron!! Love that our paths have crossed and that we can find comfort and confidence in each other and our shared ideals!! Let the debating commence!! :)