Didn't your Moma ever tell you that, "Two wrongs, don't make a right"?

"No man underestimates the wrongs he suffers; many take them more seriously than is right." --Sallust
My younger brother and I fought terribly when we were children. I mean, viciously. Punching, hitting each other with baseball bats, biting, pinching, pulling hair, body slams, busted heads, stitches and more. Truly, it is amazing we survived childhood. 
My dear mother tried desperately to control our antics and we were punished when our fighting got too serious. And as we would face our punishment, we would almost always try to justify our violent behavior by leveling accusations against the other. "Well, I wouldn't have pulled half of his hair out if he hadn't of punched me in the stomach. I probably won't be able to have babies now!" Or, "I wouldn't have hit her across her back with a baseball bat if she had not pinched me so hard that she broke the skin. But Moma, I didn't paralyze her." 
Blah, blah, blah, blah. On and on we would go trying to convince our mother and father that our actions had been appropriate, if not necessary, due in large part to the behavior of the other. 
Yeah, as you can imagine, it never worked. 
My dad had no patience for that sort of crap. The only thing that made my Daddy more angry than our fighting and hurting each other, was our unwillingness to accept responsibility for our actions. He had no issue whatsoever punishing both of us when we fought. After all, he always said, "it takes two to tango".
My mother was the same. She didn't tolerate our fighting...when she knew about it. And when she would try to reason with us, question us as to why we treated each other in that manner, we would almost always launch our pathetic assaults on each other. And in those moments, my sweet mother would simply say, "Kids, that's no excuse. Two wrongs don't make a right".
This morning as I was putting on my face, I subjected myself, against my better judgment, to a half an hour of the news. And in doing so, I heard the most asinine political argument EVER. Two political talking heads were debating the hot topics of immigration and our Dear Leader's threat to grant amnesty by executive order to between 4.5 and 4.7 million illegal immigrants as early as this week AND the continued saga of Jonathan "we lied about Obamacare because American voters are stupid" Gruber. 
The conservative guest was obviously criticizing the President in regards to his failed leadership and his scary, executive over-reach if he, in fact, signs an executive order granting amnesty. The liberal guest was defending the purported, imminent actions of our Dear Leader by blaming Republicans and arguing that conservatives are simply mean and don't want to help people. 
Cry me a freakin' river.... 
And then the conversation turned to Mr. Gruber and the six, yes, six videos showing him, laughingly boasting about how the administration and those tasked by this administration with designing Obamacare, intentionally misled the American people. How they preyed upon the so-called "economic ignorance" of the American voter in order to ram this TAX down our stupid, simple throats. He joked about how he and his fellow "affordable act" conspirators used incorrect labeling, ambiguous wording and misleading statistics in order to force the CBO to initially release a false estimate on the short-term and long-term costs associated with Obamacare. 
And after the conservative pundit ended her scathing analysis of Gruber, Obamacare and our train-wreck-of-a-president, the host gave the liberal guest the final word. 
And here is what the enlightened, liberated, progressive nightmare said: "Well, if you want to talk about misleading the American people, let's talk about two wars and how we were lied to by the Bush Administration about weapons of mass destruction".
Seriously. That's your response? That's your counter-measure? That's how you justify aligning yourself with and blindly defending political radicals who are seeking to undermine and destroy our great nation? That's your best defense of a self-confessed liar who called all Americans stupid? That's your argument? 
Wow. Just, wow. Maybe we are worse off than I thought, more lost than I feared. If we fall for that straw-man-sort-of logic, then perhaps, we are, in fact, stupid.
And that reality, is freakin' depressing. 
***Oh, and just FYI: I am proud to have been a Bush supporter and for those of you who know me or read my stuff, you will know that I did then and still do support the military efforts of the past decade. And if Bush was sooooo bad and lied to the American people so completely about WMDs, then does Billy-Baby and Hillary "Dead Broke" Clinton also become complicit in that nasty little bugger of a lie? You know, the Dynamic Clinton Duo also told the American people and the United Nations that Saddam Hussein had WMDs. But let me guess...this little fact, that little uncomfortable bit of truth, will be drown out by liberal chanting, "What difference does it make?", "What difference does it make?"***
If you don't know what I am talking about you must have either: 1. been living under a rock for the past five years or 2. perhaps, you are just stupid. 
So, in response to this morning's asinine liberal talking points, I will share another tidbit of wisdom I carried away from my childhood: "Stupid is, as stupid does."
Hey, don't be mad at me for saying it, they said it first....  
Yeah, sometimes, the truth hurts.   


  1. Love it!!!!! Great article. If the libs don't believe there were WMD in Iraq they should ask ALL the veterans that are suffering the effects of those "non existent" WMDs. This president will go down in history as the WORST president in America's history. Before some of your readers call me a racist for actually saying those words, I'd like to clear the air and state that my candidate for the 2016 election is Dr. Ben Carson. The only person that is happy for this administration is Jimmy Carter. Obama makes Carter look like Einstein. Now old "smiling Jimmy" is the second worst president of all time. Heard this morning that now this administration is going to offer FREE healthcare to the illegals. Let me school, food stamps, free medical.....all this while breaking in to our country illegally. Wonder if I go down to one of the local banks, break in and then demand that they allow me to stay and while I'm here give me a few million dollars because I deserve it. Think they would send Butch Adams to remove me and give me free room and board? I guess if they do I can call Comrade Obama and maybe, just maybe he will give me amnesty and tell that "mean ole bank" that I deserve the money. God help this crazy mixed up country.

    1. Preach on, Byron!! Preach it, brother!! And may I just say, you and I must meet sometime very soon!! I would LOVE to meet you, shake your hand, hug your neck and discuss all the world's problems!! You are a blessing to me and no doubt, many others!! Thank you so much for reading, Byron!! You always make my day!!

      And P.S. My readers won't call you a racists. The really angry ones don't argue face to face or I guess it would be comment to comment. They will simply send me a nasty little, private message. If I receive one, I'll share it with you!! Have a blessed day, friend!!