And then one day, he asked about Jesus.

"Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit." Matthew 28:19

I can remember the flood of emotions I experienced when I found out I was pregnant with our first child. I can remember praying that he or she would be perfect--ten fingers, ten toes, two seeing eyes, two hearing know, healthy. I can remember hoping that he or she would look like my husband and laugh like me. I can remember praying that he or she would be a "good baby", one who would sleep, eat, possess a happy disposition and have super chubby cheeks.

And when I held our son, who initially favored my handsome husband and has ALWAYS laughed like me, in my arms for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the pure, raw, desperate love I felt for him.

We decided to name him Noah. We chose his name because we love the obedience and tremendous faith of the biblical patriarch. We love how Noah built the Ark in the face of ridicule and uncertainty. We love that the Lord chose Noah, a Godly man, to be the remnant of humanity. We love our son's sweet name.


I absolutely can't help myself. I HAVE to say this...

"The pacifist is as surely a traitor to his country and to humanity as is the most brutal wrongdoer."
--Theodore Roosevelt

So, Bowe Bergdahl isn't a hero. Surprise, surprise. I mean, I guess he can still be your Progressive poster child. After all, y'all would probably prefer to rally around a deserter. This revelation probably makes him seem even braver to many of you on the Left. Bergdahl's desertion probably seems like the biggest slap in the face, thumbing of the nose, middle fingered-raised protest of war EVER. And I suppose his choice to desert will endear him to many of you, make him your golden child, make him your hero. Perhaps, Micheal Moore will finally find a hero he can rally around. And that reality, that psychosis, is why my stomach turns and my rhetoric toward the Left remains harsh. The Left's mentality is mind-boggling to me. 

But I digresss...

It turns out that Bergdahl wasn't the victim of some middle-of-the-night abduction by terrorists or enemy combatants. He didn't get drunk and unwittingly stumble outside the military perimeter into the hands of unsuspecting captors. He walked away. He deserted his unit. He freely and of his own accord walked away from the duty he was charged with performing and the service he swore an oath to complete. He betrayed his unit, all his fellow soldiers, some of whom died in an effort to recover him, and ultimately, our country. He is a coward and because of his terrible perfidy, he is, in my opinion, responsible for the deaths of the true heroes who sought to return him to safety after he disappeared. He is traitor and should be treated as such.


My Abortion Story: The blood on my hands.

"The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between." --Mother Teresa

Have you ever had a secret? I mean, a REAL secret. One so deep and so dark that you clung tightly to it for years and never told a soul. Have you lived in fear that someone would find out and reveal it...and in doing so, reveal a fallen you?

I have. I have had a secret like that. And I'm about to share it with all of you.

In my early twenties, I was terribly lost. I had spent the final years of my adolescence in outright rebellion and as a result, was suffering the consequences. I was an H-O-double-T, hot mess.

During this time, I made a new friend. She was kind and funny and our friendship was easy and light-hearted. After about two months of fast and furious soul-sister kind of bonding, she began to act strangely. She stopped returning my calls. I thought I had somehow offended her. I couldn't for the life of me figure what I had done.


They are Extremists and Perverts. And I'm just honest.

My husband calls me his "little radical". He lovingly says that I make Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh look liberal. However, in all seriousness, he worries that my views and my candor are going to get me into trouble one day. He wishes I wouldn't share so much on social media, not because he disagrees with my views or because he is embarrassed, but because he worries that I am putting a target on my back. He doesn't relish the notion of me being attacked emotionally, psychologically or heaven forbid, physically. 

He is proud of my willingness to speak truth. But in some regards, even my greatest champion, my most committed admirer, my sweet husband, at times, thinks I am extreme.

Extremism, as defined by Merriam Webster, is the belief in and support of ideas that are very far from what most people consider correct or reasonable.

Extremism, as defined by Maci, is illogical and often times, ignorant.

Extremism is ugly and intolerant.

Extremism is divisive and brutal.

Extremism is high-jacking commercial airplanes filled with innocent people and flying them into skyscrapers.

Extremism is strapping bombs to children and sending them into busy marketplaces.

Extremism is kidnapping hundreds of innocent school girls, raping them, enslaving them and then, systematically killing them.

Extremism is beheading children.

Extremism is teaching a young child to execute hostages.

Extremism is charging into a building filled with innocent, unarmed people and killing them because they write and publish a satirical newspaper known for insulting ALL people of ALL faiths.

Extremism is a tool. A tool used by a cunning Enemy. A tool utilized by him and this fallen world to blind us, ensnare us, maim us, deceive us and ultimately, destroy us.

So, no, I'm not extreme. I'm not spewing hatred and killing innocents. My mentality isn't completely out of touch with what most would consider reasonable. Sure, some may disagree with me, but even they, if being truly honest, wouldn't argue that I am championing causes on the fringe. In fact, most people tell me in private that I say what they think. Many messages I receive extend heartfelt gratitude for expressing the views they feel unable to articulate. 

Nope. I'm not extreme, I'm honest.

And because I am honest, not politically correct, well-liked or popular, but brutally, brutally honest, here's a big dose of truth for y'all today: the picture perfect example of modern extremism is the half-concealed face of an Islamic terrorist. These monsters, these cowards, these faceless devils of our modern world, are extreme to an almost unimaginable degree.

Now, let's just lay it all out there, all religions have individuals that make up the "fringe". You know, the weirdos, the quacks, the ones who do more harm than good. All denominations have those who pervert their doctrine and violate the closely held beliefs and beauty of their spiritual dogma. As Christians, we battle religious perverts like David Koresh, Jeremiah Wright and Westboro Baptist Church. These people are idiots. They are hate-filled and ignorant and have caused immeasurable harm in the name of God to the Body of Christ. They are extremists and one day they will stand in judgment for the hate they have spewed and the hurt they have caused. And while these types of extremists exists within the realm of our Christian faith, I think most rational people would agree that those small pockets of perversion are contained and not a representation of the whole. Christians all over America have taken stands against these groups and other individuals who promote hatred and violence. We, as Christians, have not allowed a hand-full of lunatics to high-jack our faith and turn it into something it isn't.

However, the same cannot be said for Islam. The radical, militant, murderous perversion of Islam has spread like a cancer throughout much of the Muslim world. Islamic terrorists not only kill those they consider to be infidels, but they have turned inward. They are slaughtering each other. The Shiites and the Sunnis have been brutally murdering each other for generations. But this new "cleansing" taking place across the Middle East is barbaric even by Muslim standards. 

Sure, when you consider that Islam is a religion boasting a one-billion person affiliation, the number of terrorists seems quite small. But the truth of the matter is that while many in the faith may not be actively participating in jihad on a daily basis and live seemingly peaceful lives, their lack of condemnation for the atrocities their fellow Muslim commits speaks volumes.

Their silence could easily be interpreted as agreement. 

So, no, contrary to what some of you may believe, I am not extreme. Yes, I am passionate. I am principled. I am governed by a set of beliefs that determine how I view this world. I am informed and engaged in the world around me. And yes, I am extremely concerned because of the things I see.
But I'm not extreme. Not at all. I believe that many of the ideas I have adopted as my own, are in line with what most people believe but are simply too polite, frightened or politically correct to say.

So don't worry, I'll just continue my worthy fight against my political adversaries using an arsenal of words, blogs, uncomfortable conversations and Facebook rants. Because strapping bombs on my children, beheading hostages or storming buildings and shooting innocent people in the head to prove my point just really isn't my style.


A letter to you, Congress.

Dear Freshman Members of Congress,

I write this letter to you with the purest and best of intentions. This letter should not be seen as a threat or an ultimatum, but more a pleading. I hope your ears are open because my heart is well-intended. 

In the spirit of immediate honesty, I have never been a huge John Boehner fan. In fact, I laughed, out loud, at his tear-riddled acceptance speech four years ago when he was elected Speaker of the House. I laughed at his tears not because I am liberal, heartless or mean, but because he acted as though he was surprised. 

You see, it is humorous when politicians from either party insult my intelligence. 

John Boehner has been in Congress since 1991 and has been grooming for this position for years. His election as the 61st Speaker of the House wasn't nearly as surprising as Barack Obama's election to the Presidency. 

Yep, I am one of those Americans. I am still scratching my head and wondering how in the world that train wreck happened. TWICE.

Plus, Boehner, like Obama, smokes and that's just nasty. 

And please, as much as it pains me to say this, listen to my words: John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are not able to go toe-to-toe with our Dear Leader. It hurts my heart to admit that the Republican leadership, as it stands now, cannot be victorious against the charismatic powerhouse that is Barack Hussein Obama. Obama's prowess and political power are derived from his appeal. And because so many out-of-touch Americans are offended by white, middle aged men with gray hair and a well-funded bank accounts representing them, Boehner and McConnell have the cards stacked against them. Let's face it, they look old, tired, rich, crotchedy and intolerant. Heck, I am not offended by these things and I don't like them!! Their unfavorable characterizations are amplified when compared and contrasted with our current golf-playing, rock star loving, abortion supporting, gay-marriage advocating, Arab-sympathizing, military loathing Oval Office Nightmare.

However, let me share with you somethings I do LOVE  and respect about the newly re-elected for-the-third-time Speaker Boehner. He was raised by hard-working parents and is one of twelve children. He worked as a child in the family owned business--yes, it was a bar, but still, it was a job. Speaker Boehner understands modest beginnings. Eventually he enlisted in the Navy, during the height of the Vietnam War, and was honorably discharged due to a weak back. He attended college, working several jobs in order to pay for his education and eventually graduated. 

Essentially, John Andrew Boehner's humble, blue-collar, normal-college beginnings are the antithesis of Barack Hussein Obama's educational experience and eventual ascension to power. 

Boehner began as "one of us". 

However, somewhere along the way, this well-tanned man lost his way. Somewhere in the trenches of Washington DC politics and the cesspool of pandering and lobbyists and special interests, this humble man from Ohio forgot where he came from and who sent him there.

So, we have a new Congress. The 114thCongress to be exact. The congressional composite is 80% white, 80% male and 92% Christian. Unlike some of you, the fair-complexions and gender inequality doesn't concern me as much as the supposed Christian percentage. This is a supposedly conservative Congress. This Congress is a supposed balance, a hopeful correction to Obama's radical progressive policies and social reorganization. This Congress has one chance to successfully govern. Because trust me, America is shifting...and quickly. If this Congress doesn't give her a reason to pause and somewhat reverse course, she will be too far gone by 2017. 

So, to all of you freshman members of Congress, a word to the wise: Don’t forget who we are. Don’t forget who campaigned for you, donated to you and voted for you. Don’t forget the promises you made and the integrity you guaranteed. Don't forget that "two wrongs, don't make a right". Don't allow petty, self-serving liberals to distract or ensnare you. Ignore them and their low-down tactics. Don't allow in-fighting and arrogance to derail your agendas. Don’t forget where you came from and how you got to where you are. But most importantly, don’t be a Boehner. Or a John McCain. Please, I implore you, don't forget WHO you are and WHO you are charged with fighting for. 

Because if you do, if you fail, we will bring your good-for-nothing backsides home. And you will spend the remainder of your life dealing with the shame of your compromised morals and political failures. We have learned our lesson with so many of these men and women and are finished tolerating your political neglect. 

We are not ignorant. We are not distracted. We are not stupid.

We are mad. We are listening. And we are watching you.

So, good luck. You're gonna need it.

Sincerely yours,

A Conservative Country Girl

It's time to get uncomfortable.

"I like people who shake other people up and make them feel uncomfortable." --Jim Morrison
A few weeks ago, my husband and I went on vacation. We went to one of those amazing all-inclusive resorts that you dream about but don't really ever think you'll be able to actually pull off financially or logistically. Well, because my husband is AMAZING, he made it work and took me on an incredible vacation for our 12th anniversary.

One afternoon during this fan-tabulous getaway, while my better half was relaxing by the pool and listening to "Moby Dick" on his iPhone, I was sitting in the nearby hot tub with two of our traveling companions. We were making new friends.

After introductions and the stereotypical "Oh my gosh, are you from Texas? I love your accent"! Yes, I guess I really do have an accent although I totally don't hear it. I digress...anyways, pretty quickly after introductions, the issue of politics came up. Yeah, I know. I just can't help it. These happy little discussions seem to follow me...even to foreign lands.

These particular people were our neighbors from the north, they were Canadians. They made the fateful mistake of engaging me in not only a political discussion but also a spiritual one. I won't bore y'all with all of the gory details but suffice it to say that by the end of the discussion, one of them had called me a bigot and was highly affronted, one of them wanted my blog website address and one of them said they had never met anyone like me--I am still uncertain as to the implications of her tone. Yep, those are the normal responses to me and my life views...either love or hate. The general consensus is that I make people uncomfortable. Yeah, not a lot of lukewarm feelings when it comes to me.

I bring this friendly vacation exchange up because during that hot tub discussion, one of the individuals said they didn't think I "looked like a Conservative". Again, this is a normal assessment. I chuckled and proudly announced that I, and others like me, are the new face of conservatism. You see, I explained to our northern neighbors and the others who joined our hot tub that day, that conservatism isn't just for ole folks. In fact, it isn't just an American ideal. It isn't only an ideal for white people, the super wealthy or the hyper-religious. It isn't a complicated political philosophy only understood and appreciated by those who spend countless hours of their days reading the Wall Street Journal or watching Fox News or attending their prestigious universities.

Conservatism is actually quite simple. It is simply a way of life.

And in my not-so-humble opinion, it is the very best way for individuals to live, states to operate and national governments to govern.

But let's just be real here for a moment, the real problem with conservatism is Republicans.

Yep, that's what I said.

Now don't get me wrong...before you dyed-in-the-wool, super-sensitive Republicans get your high-priced panties in a wad, I am PROUDLY a registered Republican. I am the Vice-President of the Hopkins County Republican Women for crying out loud!! But I am so sick and tired of losing to liberals. I am so sick and tired of being out maneuvered and bullied by loud, lazy, misguided Democrats!! Whew!! I feel relieved having gotten that off of my chest.

If we, Republicans and by default, Conservatives, are going to not only win elections, but also govern successfully and make real, meaningful contributions to our nation and world, we are going to have to get our you-know-what together. We are going to have to bite the bullet and oust some of the old-timers. We are going to have to reach out. We are going to have to dig deep. We are going to have to do some very serious self-examination. We are going to have to search ourselves, our party, our principles, our visions. We are going to have to get very, very uncomfortable with the facts and realities that may stare back at our apathetic faces.

Now don't misunderstand me. I am not calling for a platform overhaul or a deviation from any ideal we hold dear. We don't have to compromise our values to garner support and obtain success. But in order to be effective, we have to EXPLAIN our values and outline our positions. We have to make convincing and relevant arguments to all people--of all colors, genders, backgrounds, and creeds--as to why our ideals are better, why our policies are fairer, why our vision is richer, why our foundations are more solid, more tried and truer. We are going to have to appeal to those and befriend some who find us and our "politics" reprehensible. We are going to have to go out on some limbs, cross a few party lines and take some frightening leaps of faith. We are going to have to get people to think. We are going to have to get people motivated. We are going to have to get people to believe in the necessity of and possibility for a restoration of the America we know and love.

We are going to have to have some very strange, uncomfortable conversations in Mexican hot tubs with complete strangers. Yep, I think this may be part of the equation. Because in the last few weeks, I have received three messages via my blog from people I met during our vacation. One gal wrote to say, "how she had been thinking about what I said and that I am right about getting involved in our political process". A gentlemen from the north, a liberal Jew mind you, wrote me two weeks ago and said, " I loved that I met someone who I completely disagree with but can still talk to and not feel judged. You made me think, Texas. You made me think." One man actually wrote me to tell me that he and his wife had returned to church.

Baby steps, y'all. Baby steps.

Cal Thomas penned an op-ed this week and in it he said, "It will take more than a new Congress in 2015 and a new president in 2017 to save us from the fate of other empires. It will take a revival of the American spirit, and that can only come through changed attitudes towards our institutions and each other".

So, I guess what I am saying is: find a hot tub and a liberal. If we don't get uncomfortable, we are doomed.


Life lessons of 2014 and my great expectations for 2015!!

"I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You're doing things you've never done before, and more importantly, you're doing something." 
--Neil Gaiman

Here are some of the things that 2014 taught me:
1.  Life is fleeting. And good health is not guaranteed. Some ailments are worse than death.
2.  Starting your own business is super scary...and tremendously rewarding.
3.  True friendship is rare and dear. If you find it, hold on tight, thank the LORD and laugh a lot. 
4.  Obamacare is just as big a nightmare as many of us thought it would be. I won't say I told you so...
5.  Mexico is beautiful and I am hoping to go back.
6.  Big blue dumpsters jump off of curbs and hit your car. Hard.
7.  Shouldering someone else's offense makes you look foolish. Especially when the two primary individuals involved in a dispute resolve their differences and you have pitted yourself against the supposed aggressor. Ouch!! That'll leave a mark!! For further explanation, check scripture. 
8.  Soldiers never stop being soldiers. No matter how long they have been out of uniform, they always yearn to serve.
9.  A swimming pool, even a salt water one, is a beast of a responsibility. And they don't stay leaf free long. Just sayin'...
10.  Our children are smarter than we think and their intelligence often times manifests itself differently. A quiet, thoughtful child is just as smart and inquisitive as a verbally exhausting, outspoken one.
11. Boys who don't posses a natural athletic ability can improve tremendously and fall in love with the game.
12. If you expect things from people, especially those close to you, you will most definitely be disappointed.
13. Speaking to an audience of veterans is pretty darn amazing...and pretty dead-gum intimidating!! 
14. Church doesn't have to be a theatrical production with bands and lights and casually dressed ministers to be spirit-filled and moving. Sometimes the LORD works in small, quiet places where hymns are still sung, preachers wear suits and iPhone bible apps aren't used.
15. Texas isn't ready for a blond-headed, pro-abortion nightmare in the Governor's mansion. Thank you, sweet Jesus.
16. True evil exists in this world and some of it is sweeping across the Middle East killing men, women and children.
17. I am a spoiled-rotten American and should be ashamed of myself most days.
18. Racism is a serious problem and the solution, unfortunately, is terribly far away.
19. Gas prices CAN drop right before an election and remain low during the holiday travel season. Who knew?!
And last but certainly not least,
20. People will hear what they want to hear. People will see what they want to see. People will think what they want to think. You can't fix stupid.
Yep. Read # 20 again. And if necessary, read it again. Read it, learn it, meditate on it. It is one of those lessons I learn every single year of my life. In fact, I have had repeated tutorials on many of the above mentioned lessons. In some ways, I suppose, I am a masochist. 
But in all seriousness, as I reflect on the past year, I am so thankful for the long days, busy weeks and crazy-fast months of our amazing 2014 journey. I am so thankful for the health my children enjoyed, for the success my husband obtained, for the friendships I have developed, for the freedoms I enjoyed, for the salvation I possessed, and for the overall simplicity (when compared to the sufferings and stresses of others) that is my beautifully blessed life. 
2014 was a great, life-lesson-filled year. It ended in textbook chaos, with sickness and holidays and family drama and bad weather. But some of the most perfect things come from chaotic origins. Some of the most amazing realities begin in uncertainty and confusion. Some of the greatest adventures begin with a single, scary, unplanned step.
So, yeah, I am hopeful and excited and like a dear friend of mine said yesterday, expectant, of what is to come in 2015. I am looking forward to the days, weeks and months ahead and deciding right now to shed the disappointments and distractions of 2014 and embrace what the LORD has for me right now and tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. I am going to be open, available and willing to learn. Because I want to be better, braver and more wise when this year concludes.  
Abraham Lincoln once said, "The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time." Yep, people, that's how I am going to "do" day at a time. And I am hopeful and expectant for a very good year. A very good year indeed.