They are Extremists and Perverts. And I'm just honest.

My husband calls me his "little radical". He lovingly says that I make Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh look liberal. However, in all seriousness, he worries that my views and my candor are going to get me into trouble one day. He wishes I wouldn't share so much on social media, not because he disagrees with my views or because he is embarrassed, but because he worries that I am putting a target on my back. He doesn't relish the notion of me being attacked emotionally, psychologically or heaven forbid, physically. 

He is proud of my willingness to speak truth. But in some regards, even my greatest champion, my most committed admirer, my sweet husband, at times, thinks I am extreme.

Extremism, as defined by Merriam Webster, is the belief in and support of ideas that are very far from what most people consider correct or reasonable.

Extremism, as defined by Maci, is illogical and often times, ignorant.

Extremism is ugly and intolerant.

Extremism is divisive and brutal.

Extremism is high-jacking commercial airplanes filled with innocent people and flying them into skyscrapers.

Extremism is strapping bombs to children and sending them into busy marketplaces.

Extremism is kidnapping hundreds of innocent school girls, raping them, enslaving them and then, systematically killing them.

Extremism is beheading children.

Extremism is teaching a young child to execute hostages.

Extremism is charging into a building filled with innocent, unarmed people and killing them because they write and publish a satirical newspaper known for insulting ALL people of ALL faiths.

Extremism is a tool. A tool used by a cunning Enemy. A tool utilized by him and this fallen world to blind us, ensnare us, maim us, deceive us and ultimately, destroy us.

So, no, I'm not extreme. I'm not spewing hatred and killing innocents. My mentality isn't completely out of touch with what most would consider reasonable. Sure, some may disagree with me, but even they, if being truly honest, wouldn't argue that I am championing causes on the fringe. In fact, most people tell me in private that I say what they think. Many messages I receive extend heartfelt gratitude for expressing the views they feel unable to articulate. 

Nope. I'm not extreme, I'm honest.

And because I am honest, not politically correct, well-liked or popular, but brutally, brutally honest, here's a big dose of truth for y'all today: the picture perfect example of modern extremism is the half-concealed face of an Islamic terrorist. These monsters, these cowards, these faceless devils of our modern world, are extreme to an almost unimaginable degree.

Now, let's just lay it all out there, all religions have individuals that make up the "fringe". You know, the weirdos, the quacks, the ones who do more harm than good. All denominations have those who pervert their doctrine and violate the closely held beliefs and beauty of their spiritual dogma. As Christians, we battle religious perverts like David Koresh, Jeremiah Wright and Westboro Baptist Church. These people are idiots. They are hate-filled and ignorant and have caused immeasurable harm in the name of God to the Body of Christ. They are extremists and one day they will stand in judgment for the hate they have spewed and the hurt they have caused. And while these types of extremists exists within the realm of our Christian faith, I think most rational people would agree that those small pockets of perversion are contained and not a representation of the whole. Christians all over America have taken stands against these groups and other individuals who promote hatred and violence. We, as Christians, have not allowed a hand-full of lunatics to high-jack our faith and turn it into something it isn't.

However, the same cannot be said for Islam. The radical, militant, murderous perversion of Islam has spread like a cancer throughout much of the Muslim world. Islamic terrorists not only kill those they consider to be infidels, but they have turned inward. They are slaughtering each other. The Shiites and the Sunnis have been brutally murdering each other for generations. But this new "cleansing" taking place across the Middle East is barbaric even by Muslim standards. 

Sure, when you consider that Islam is a religion boasting a one-billion person affiliation, the number of terrorists seems quite small. But the truth of the matter is that while many in the faith may not be actively participating in jihad on a daily basis and live seemingly peaceful lives, their lack of condemnation for the atrocities their fellow Muslim commits speaks volumes.

Their silence could easily be interpreted as agreement. 

So, no, contrary to what some of you may believe, I am not extreme. Yes, I am passionate. I am principled. I am governed by a set of beliefs that determine how I view this world. I am informed and engaged in the world around me. And yes, I am extremely concerned because of the things I see.
But I'm not extreme. Not at all. I believe that many of the ideas I have adopted as my own, are in line with what most people believe but are simply too polite, frightened or politically correct to say.

So don't worry, I'll just continue my worthy fight against my political adversaries using an arsenal of words, blogs, uncomfortable conversations and Facebook rants. Because strapping bombs on my children, beheading hostages or storming buildings and shooting innocent people in the head to prove my point just really isn't my style.


  1. Perfect. I would like to add to this post, but you said it beautifully! I do find it interesting that our leader cannot or will not call it what it is. There is a reason he refuses to admit these killers are Islam. Oh YES....There is a reason. I hope I live long enough to be proved right.

    1. Yep, the days pass and as he continues to show his ignorance and sympathies, I become evermore convinced that he has an agenda. And unfortunately, it isn't a good one...
      As always, thanks for reading, friend!