Everyone Worships Something


"Fame is a delicate and dangerous creature; I saw people who didn't honor it, who refused to take responsibility for it, get destroyed by it. I also saw that stardom in and of itself was empty." 

Last night, I decided to watch the last half of the Oscars. It was an unfortunate decision on my part.

To be honest, I swore I would NEVER watch another awards show after Sally Field won an Emmy in 2007 and instead of simply thanking all the folks around her, she turned her acceptance speech/rant into an anti-war monologue that included using the Lord's name in vain. Yep, that's class, Sally. Really, really classy.


Plus, I generally HATE movies. They infuriate me with their nauseatingly shallow story lines, unnecessary foul language and insanely left-leaning messages. Also, I don't relish the idea of lining the pockets of individuals who will undoubtedly contribute to Democratic candidates. I'm sorry, but in my opinion, it's sort of like sleeping with the enemy.
But last night, I decided to give the Oscars a chance. Sometimes I want to give people and establishments the opportunity to make me eat my words.

After all, the Academy, (which is a hilariously ironic name), had two really great movies to celebrate this year--"Unbroken" and "American Sniper". Two movies based on the life stories of two real men, two American heroes. Two stories that exposed the tremendous bravery of common individuals and the extraordinary honor of service. Two beautiful stories of sacrifice, triumph, courage and faith. I thought surely the enormous star power of directors, Angelina Jolie and Clint Eastwood, and the sheer merit and fantastic quality of the two films would be enough to garner them some level of well-deserved recognition during last night's awards ceremony.

I mean, surely, right? 


The 2015 awards show/travesty proved to be just as big a waste of my evening and a betrayal of my better judgment as I had experienced in the past. I spent an hour and a half watching misguided, politically motivated, narcissistic celebrities spew self-serving rhetoric, give standing ovations to mediocre talent and further commit themselves to the gross worship of humanity. I watched them stroke and caress their beloved golden statues, their proverbial golden calves, while they thanked everyone around them for their success. 

Well, they thanked almost everyone. Most of them neglected to thank GOD for His amazing blessings in their lives. But they always, without failure, thanked the Academy. 

Again, **sigh**.

Plus, I'm going to be completely honest for a moment. The standards of elegance, class and beauty have been tragically perverted by this generation of "stars". They probably COULD be beautiful, but many of them aren't. It is like some of them (think Scarlett Johansson's hair) are intentionally trying to make ugly, beautiful.  I mean, was I impressed with Lady Gaga's performance of and salute to the beloved classic "The Sound of Music"? Certainly. She proved, for the first time ever, that she actually possesses musical talent. But I'm sorry, as she flung her arms open wide at the end of her surprisingly impressive performance, I couldn't help but be distracted by the tattoos on both of her inner arms. There was nothing Julie Andrews about it.  Nothing at all.

The televised awards show has become much less about acting, directing, stories, talent and cinematography, and much more about personal agendas and political correctness. The Oscars have evolved into a political, social platform from which out of touch, over paid celebrities can dress up and further influence our fickled and superficial natures. 

Listen, I'll admit it. Last night, there were moments when even I got caught up in the beauty of the actresses (Nicole Kidman gets prettier ever year), the hotness of the actors (Chris Pine makes me forget my name), the melody of the music or the eloquence of the speeches. But always, without fail, their talent and contrived humility paled in comparison to their ignorance. 

Their personal agendas, whether blatant or covert, whether well articulated or not, were present and offensive. 

From racial division, to the obnoxiousness that is women's issues, to immigration reform, to the politics of sexual orientation, these intelligent wanna-bes were relentless in their attack on America, tradition and goodness. I don't remember a single thing about any of the movies celebrated last night. I don't recall anything about their content, their cast, their budget, their box-office success. But I certainly remember one dude getting up on stage and talking about being "weird" and "suicidal". I remember a reference to "hands up in Ferguson" and the supposed, continued suppression of some voters. I remember Patricia Arquette proving she is completely insane. And John Legend, well, I won't even go there. I remember Sean Penn saying something, in jest, about a dude's green card and thinking, even though I can't stand Penn, that his joke was actually funny. And of course, since I enjoyed that moment, I was unsurprised this morning to discover that Penn and his joke were coming under fire. 

Yep, again, **sigh**.

So, once again, I am swearing off awards shows. No more Oscars for me. My simple, Jesus-worshipping, America-loving heart can't take it. 

I can never unsee the cleavage I saw, unhear the stupidity I heard or unfeel the frustration I felt. Truly, it was excruciating.

I will leave the worshipping of the golden calves to those in Hollywood who are receiving their rewards here on earth. I hope they enjoy their glory and their moment in the sun. Because for many of them, their bloated bank accounts, that beloved golden statue and the temporary, fleeting praise of the Academy are the only treasures they will ever receive.

As for me, I'm going to settle for being Team Unbroken and Team American Sniper. I am going to take pleasure in the fact that what I consider to be good and wholesome, this world is choosing to shun and reject. I am going to find comfort in the knowledge that the accolades on display last night will pale in pitiful comparison to the eternal joys and rewards of those who set their eyes on things unseen. 

You see, last night, those misguided Hollywood elites, with all of their flashy jewelry, Botox and blathering didn't succeed in changing my mind or making me feel badly. They made me feel right. Very, very right. Their ignorance reinforced my certainty. Their attacks reinforced my resolve. 

So, thanks, Hollywood. Until next year....

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