Get your freakin' eyes checked. That dress is blue and black!!

A random, albeit terrible, photograph of an outdated, pleated cocktail dress took the Internet and social media by storm.

This crazy, visual conundrum divided households, marriages and circles of friends.

Some who looked at the dress saw white and gold.

Others, looking at the exact same photograph, saw a blue and black dress.

Weird. Super-duper weird.

How in the world could thousands, perhaps millions of people, look at the exact same photograph of a simple, ugly dress and some see one thing and others see another?

How could something so simple look so differently to two groups of people?

Who was wrong?

Who was right?

What color was the stinkin' dress?

And it got me to thinkin'...

Life is filled with conundrums.  

What seems simple and clear-cut to some, may seem complex and tedious to others. 

What seems right to one person, may appear terribly wrong to someone else. 

You see, guys, life truly is all about perspective. 

And as I laid in bed last night pondering the true hue of the dress, I was stuck by the confidence of each "color group". No optical explanation or scientific description changed the certainty of rightness each side of this debate possessed. 

Both sides were convinced that they were seeing the TRUE colors of the dress. Both sides were eager to dismiss the vying opinion as wrong or mistaken.

Isn't this behavior so true in life?

What I see as sin and death, Margaret Sanger saw as female liberation and forward movement.

What I see as wasteful spending and bloated government, Hillary Clinton sees as our national responsibility and fair.

What I see as weakness and cowardice, Barack Obama deems diplomatic and wise.

What I see as a protection of God's ideal for marriage, Rosie O'Donnell sees as discriminatory and a violation of her civil rights.

What I see as good financial stewardship, others see as greedy.

What I see as a smart military deterrent, John Kerry sees as American aggression.

What I see as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, many deem as dangerous, irresponsible and pro-violence.

What I see as right, others see as antiquated.

What I see as an abomination, others deem to be natural.

What I see as holy, others see as imaginary.

What I see as justice, others deem slavery.

What I see as the rule of law, others see as control and bondage.

What I see as life, others deem disposable and inconvenient.

I guess modern issues and contemporary politics are sort of like that hideous, pleated dress. 

The answers are in the eye of the beholders. 

Because what I see as very, very black and blue, many of you absolutely see as gold and white.

And our differences in opinion can't be changed, compromised or explained away.

Sure, the nerds among us explained that the visual illusion has something to do with the rods of our retinas or some crazy, complicated nonsense like that.

And yeah, I guess I can accept that. Maybe.

But while I don't think our political differences are so easily explained or identified, I think it is safe to say, that the way we view life, politics and social issues is as much a part of our person as our rods and retinas are a portion of our eyes. 

I can't change the truth that dwells in my heart or the sense that consumes my mind. I can't process a political issue differently because my being, my core simply won't allow it. 

In this life, I see things the only way I am able to--through my own eyes.

I'll never be able to walk in anyone else's shoes or see life through anyone else's eyes.

It simply isn't possible.

And last night, that abomination of fashion helped show me that some of you aren't capable of seeing life and politics differently either.

Your being won't allow you to.

Because all I saw last night was a blue and black dress.

And no one will ever convince me otherwise.

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