And that's what a smackdown looks like.

"I can tell you this. The days when Jewish people remain passive in the face of genocidal enemies--those days are over."-- Benjamin Netanyahu

Okay, if you missed Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress this morning, I highly encourage you to google and watch it!!

You missed an incredible example of strength and leadership.

You missed a passionate, devoted statesman standing before a crowd unapologetically verbalizing his nation's greatness.

You missed hearing a man sing his nation's praises, not apologize for their failures. 

You missed hearing a plan, a real plan, for attaining stability in the Middle East.

Basically, you missed AWESOMENESS!!

It was beautiful.

But for those of you who don't have an hour and five minutes to devote to your computer so that you can watch Bibi knock it out of the park, please allow me to give you a summation.

Today, was the third time Netanyahu has   addressed a joint session of Congress. He was invited by Republicans and boycotted by approximately fifty Democrats. 

Isn't that cute and completely mature? Geez....

However, let me just say, the third time truly is a charm!!

This speech was EPIC.  Extraordinary. Historic. It was, in my humble opinion, perfection.

Netanyahu received twenty-one standing ovations and some pretty intense whooping and hollering. It always invigorates my spirit when I see over-paid, out of touch Congressional leaders act like us, common folks. It sorta endears them to me...sorta.

Ole Bibi basically thumbed his nose at our cowardly, sorry-excuse-for-a-president and all of the I-really-didn't-want-to-stand-and-clap-but-did-because-it-was-being-videoed Democratic members of Congress. 

You see, some of those over paid Democratic sissies are quite pissy. They got their toes stepped on today. But that's what happens when you are lending your support to our POTUS and his terrible "diplomatic" deal with the rogue Persian nation, Iran. 

And when they get pissy, they get overly political. 

So, instead of acting like adults tasked with representing the American people, a people who overwhelmingly support defending Israel, the POTUS and some of his more misguided Congressional minions bowed out.

Oh well. Their loss. 

Back to the awesomeness that was this speech--

Benjamin Netanyahu told Obama how the cow is going to eat the cabbage!! For those of you who aren't in Texas and don't understand my lingo, that means that Bibi basically told our Dear Leader how things are going to be. Oh, how I adore this man!!

He told Obama, Congress and the world that Israel is strong and ready. That they will stand, regardless of support or threat, and fight. And that they can all put that in their pipes and smoke it!!

He essentially told our Dear Leader to either get on board or move out of the way. 


I bet Obama's enormous ego is slightly bruised and his temperament terribly cranky this evening.

Bibi's case was error-free. His rationale, solid. He was dignified, yet emotional. He was political, yet honest. He thanked Obama, Congress and the American people for our support of their nation. 

Netanyahu said we, America and Israel, shared common destinies--those of promised lands. He quoted Moses and interjected his speech with historical facts. Truly, it was genius.

He was clear and concise in his defense of Israel. He was straightforward about the current and future threats posed by an unaccountable Iranian regime. In true Bibi fashion, he laid it all out. There was no ambiguity. 

And you see, that is why the Democrats are soooooo PISSED!!

Bibi made them look passive and foolish. He exposed them and their continued support for Iranani negotiations as dangerous and anti-Semitic. 

And in true politicial form, many Democrats gave scathing interviews after the joint session. Some of the bigger idiots, see how they encite me, called the Israeli Prime Minister "arrogant" and "condescending". 

Wow. Seriously? If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is!!

Benjamin Netanyahu basically told Obama to listen hard and think even harder. 

He left no question that Israel will act to defend themselves and their interests. The special, chosen nation will not be bullied by Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah. Or America. He insisted that a compromise would be on the global community's terms, not Iran's. He said, "if Iran wants to be treated like a normal nation, they needed to begin acting like a normal nation". And BOOM!!  

He represented himself and his people very well. Our Israeli brothers and sisters should be very proud of their leader. 

Gosh, I have forgotten what that feels like....

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