Here's an idea: Go get your freakin' cupcakes somewhere else!

"Once you get rid of integrity the rest is a piece of cake." --Larry Hagman
So, Mike Pence, Indiana's popular Republican Governor, is being crucified by the lame-stream media today. In case you haven't heard, Mr. Pence and his fellow conservative legislators are "mean and intolerant".  And this new law aimed at protecting religious freedom and similar to twenty other state laws currently in effect, is "a road map, a path to discrimination." I mean, after all, this new law is totally against gays. Right....

Governor Pence and his supports are "antiquated", "stupid", "hateful", "out-of-touch", and "doing damage control". Oh, and "everyone should boycott Indiana".

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Seriously, this is getting so old.

It has long been the practice of many businesses and corporate establishments to reserve the right to refuse service to certain people. You know, "no shoes, no shirt, no service."

Sure, I know there were times in our national history when businesses refused to serve individuals based on race and gender. And yes, that was bad. And yes, I am sorry that black people were refused service based solely on the color of their skin.

But here's the deal: WE AREN'T THAT COUNTRY ANY LONGER. And more importantly, GAY RIGHTS AREN'T CIVIL RIGHTS. Yep, that is what I just said: this isn't a civil rights issue. Yeah, go ahead, call me a racist. Call me a bigot. Call me a homophobe. Call me what you would like.

It's fine. Truthfully, I am immune.

Because contrary to what many of you believe, this isn't about me hating gays. This is about me loving freedom and liberty and the free market. This new law, aimed at protecting religious freedom, surprisingly, isn't solely a moral issue for me.

It is also an economical one.

The beauty of our nation is found not only in our religious freedom but also in our consumer liberty. You see, people are free to shop where they choose. Eat where they desire. Spend nights in the hotels of their choosing. Purchase vehicles from dealerships they select. Research and buy either a PC or MAC, an Android or an iPhone. And wonderfully enough, individuals, whether straight or gay, whether planning to marry or simply needing a mid-afternoon sugary treat, are free to find a bakery that will, happily, accommodate their requests. We are free to trade and barter, buy and sell with those who we want to support, with merchants who are like minded, with those who will, in turn, do business with us.

Self-serving? Absolutely.

But, alas, good news!! There is an unlimited number of business establishments within this great land and the ability to find exactly what you want and need, a certainty. No one with sufficient monetary resources will do without. No one will be deprived. There are no cake ball monopolies or exclusive wedding cake clubs. Gay couples seeking to "wed" will, undoubtedly, if they so choose, have cake at their receptions.

However, that fact isn't enough for them. Because this isn't about wedding cake or religious freedom. This uproar is about gay rights activists and misguided liberals being determined to destroy those who would take a stand against their agenda. This about making Christians choose between being true to our beliefs and being deemed hate-filled and intolerant or suppressing what we belief to be true in order to acclimate to the demands of this fallen world.

This is about winning the sexual battle of the Progressive's war on traditional American values.

This isn't about cake, this is about control.

So, here's my question: If a member of the radically ignorant Westboro Baptist Church walked into a bakery owned by a homosexual baker and requested that the baker create a beautiful cake that said, "God Hates Fags", would it be okay for that homosexual baker to refuse to comply with that request? Because after all, the Westboro patron has freedom of speech. And this bakery, hypothetically speaking, just happens to be the closest in proximity to the patron's home.

Hmmmm...please forgive my bluntness, but yes, hell yes!! It would absolutely be acceptable for the gay or lesbian owner of that bakery to refuse to create that cake. The request would be offensive and in violation of the baker's conscience. And that hypothetical baker, whether I agree with their lifestyle or not, should be protected by the laws of this land. No one should be compelled by a law to do something that violates who they are or what they believe.

Of course, the hypothetical Westboro patron would be free to order their cake from another bakery.

Listen, if there were a shortage of bakeries in this great nation, the national gay rights movement might have a leg to stand on. But there is no such shortage. And although many Christians are warming up to the idea of homosexual marriage and opening their hearts, minds, churches and bathrooms to those electing to live an alternative lifestyle, Christian Americans still resisting this cultural assault should be free to protect their conscience.

Listen, if anyone understands the desire to indulge in cupcakes, cake balls, cake and other delectable pastries, it is this gal. I have a sweet tooth the size of the state I so adore. But it is unfair, unfortunate and unlawful to force anyone to do something that violates their spiritual beliefs.

I hope Governor Pence stands strong. Whether or not he and his law are popular is irrelevant. He and his law are right.

And although dissent can taste terribly bitter going down, being right tastes very, very good.