Obama is the biggest lottery winner in history!!

"In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of." --Confucius

So, here's a newsflash peeps:  If you are successful, you are a winner of "society's lottery". Yep, he actually said those words. I promise I can't make this stuff up. Here is a portion of our Dear Leader's very telling quote:

"The top 25 hedge-fund managers made more than all of the kindergarten teachers in the country. When I say that, I'm not saying that because I dislike hedge fund managers or I think they are evil, I’m saying that you’re paying a lower rate than a lot of folks who are making $300,000 every year. You pretty much have more than you’ll ever be able to use in your family will ever be able to use. There’s a fairness issue involved here and by the way, if we were able to close that loophole, I could not invest in early childhood education to make a difference. That’s where the rubber hits the road. That’s Arthur where the question of compassion and I'm my brother’s keeper comes into play. And if we can’t ask from society’s lottery winners to just make that modest investment, then really this conversation is for show. If we can’t ask that much— [ applause ]."

Wow. A bunch of rich, ignorant people gave that load of crap an applause. Truly, we are doomed. *sigh* 

So, yeah. Success has absolutely nothing to do with education, hard work, commitment, sacrifice or determination. Nope. It's all luck. That is so cute, Dear Leader. Way to make it okay and acceptable for people to be lazier and less likely to ever succeed.

Wait, lazy people and those who feel as though society is against them are quite often dependent on the government and the never-drying fountain of entitlements. 

Golly, I wonder if politicians really think we are all stupid? 

Okay, back to Obama. Y'all, this is a man who, a few days ago during a discussion at Georgetown University, besmirched "wealthy people" for opting to privately educate their children. Here is exactly what escaped his deceptive lips:

"[Obama is] concerned that more wealthy people were separated from poverty because they chose to frequent private institutions instead of public ones."

Hmmm...this verbally expressed mentality is so interesting to me. I mean, we are talking about a man who has chosen to privately educate his own children. So, is he part of the problem? Is he trying to shield those precious daughters of his from the evil poverty he so seeks to end? 

In the spirit of honesty and full disclosure, my husband and I have chosen to privately educate our children. And rest assured, it has nothing to do with "separating them from poverty". However, it has absolutely everything to do with the tremendous failings of the American public school system. It has absolutely everything to do with the freedom we possess as parents to opt for an alternative styled, spiritually based education for our youngsters. 

My husband and I sacrifice each and every month to send our children to a private Christian school. In reality, we really can't afford it. However, we do it because we are offended by the removal and continued absence of God in the public school setting. We are appalled at the failing test scores of American schools. We are unwilling to accept the lack of one on one attention students receive. We are disgusted by the insultingly low salaries of educators. We are offended by the ludicrous food requirements and the Michelle-Obama-mandated lunch choices forced on public school students. Our son gets two Capri Suns and a Snicker bar with his sandwich and chips each and every single day. And guess what? He isn't fat. Basically, we don't agree with the public school system and are not in a position to change it. Therefore, we have chosen to not be a part of it. Well, outside of helping fund it with our hard earned tax dollars. But that's a discussion for a different day....

If I wanted to separate myself or my children from poverty, I wouldn't live in a small, rural Texas town. I wouldn't allow my children to play city league baseball and softball. I wouldn't attend a small, church in a town with no red light. I wouldn't grocery shop at Walmart. We see lots of food stamps each Sunday when we grocery shop. I wouldn't take my kiddos to the local, free park and allow them to run and play with unfamiliar children. I wouldn't take my family to eat cheap pizza at CiCi's or frequent Taco Bell for their $2.19 value meals. I wouldn't accept loads of collect calls from my husband's court appointed clients being held at the jail. I wouldn't pick up stranded hitchhikers. Yes, I actually do this. With my children in the car. I wouldn't give money to the people who approach my car at gas stations or spend their days holding card board signs at red lights. I wouldn't carry bottles of water in the back of my car to give to local wanderers during the hot, Texas summers. 

If I wanted separation, I would simply overlook people and their needs. 
Poverty abounds and because I am not blind or heartless, there is no escaping it or shielding our children from it. And I would never attempt to do so.

I am the product of people who teetered on the edge of poverty. Trust me, I have a deep appreciation for and an infinite love for people who struggle to make ends meet day in and day out. 

I assure you, I understand and am in tune with poverty and the harsh reality of lack much more than our presidential nightmare who delights in spewing his offensive hypocrisy, lies and hate speech.

If society has a lottery and winners, Barack Hussein Obama is the biggest winner in the history of the world. He is the first black President of the United States of America, the leader of the free world, a former Senator, a Harvard educated attorney, independently wealthy, a best-selling author, a high-priced speaker, a father and husband. 

According to his secular logic, he is one lucky dude. 

I hope he enjoys his spoils while they last....


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