I will not call him Caitlyn.

"The ignorant mind, with its infinite afflictions, passions, and evils, is rooted in the three poisons: Greed, anger, and delusion." --Bodhidharma

So, yeah, this is what our nation is talking about.

Bruce freakin' Jenner.

We are Googling and Twittering and Facebooking stories and headlines having to do with ole Brucey baby and his confused state of gender existence.

Meanwhile, there are innocent people being viciously slaughtered in Iraq and Syria. There are children starving to death in Africa and India. There are men and women fighting for freedom all over the world. There are forgotten American veterans living in homeless shelters. There are American children being abused, neglected and killed. There are young girls and women being raped and sold as sex slaves. There are young boys being brainwashed and indoctrinated into terrorist organizations. There are severe financial and economic dangers looming on our national and global horizons. There are Christian missionaries risking their lives to share the Gospel in far off lands. There are people who have devoted their entire lives, donated vast fortunes and sacrificed all their worldly comforts for the betterment and salvation of the human race.

And how many news articles reflect those realities? How many Vanity Fair or Time magazine covers expose those truths or honor those heroes?

Yep, exactly.

We get this trashy load of crap crammed down our throats and we crave and beg for more.

We are pathetic.

This perverted, twisted story starring a narcissistic, washed-up celebrity athlete is demanding AND receiving the attention of our country and world. Political leaders, movie stars, apostate preachers and common freaks on the street are hailing and praising Bruce Jenner's decision and his openness.

Admittedly, I have spent the last couple of days trying not to be sucked into this discussion. To be completely honest, I feel as though I am better than this and I didn't want to dignify this level of stupidity with a comment, let alone an entire blog. I wanted to ignore the whole situation.

And trust me, I have tried. Desperately. I have bitten my tongue until it has bled. I have avoided Facebook and Twitter because I didn't want to be provoked by the good, the bad and the ugly.

But alas!! I can avoid it no longer. My tongue is getting the better of me and I feel compelled to weigh in on the dysfunctional discussion of Bruce "I hate my penis" Jenner.

So, here I go...

I will not call him Caitlyn. I will not call him "brave" or "courageous". I will not call him beautiful. I will not call him a woman.


I will, however, call him Bruce. I will call him an Olympian and an incredible decathlon athlete. I will call him the father of seven children. I will call him a thrice divorced ex-husband of three different women. I will, in spite of all the media attention and social accolades he is receiving, simply call him Bruce.

Poor, poor Bruce Jenner.

My heart breaks for him and his brokenness. But, even with the sympathy I feel for him, I will not cave to the pressures of our ignorant culture. I don't care what this misguided, sin filled, fallen world calls him--I will call him what he is. And that my friends, is a man. Albeit a delusional man making a fool of himself and mocking God and His perfect sovereignty. But yes, he, Bruce, is a man all the same.

And regardless of his beautiful fake breasts, his successful feminizing facial surgeries, his long, chestnut colored hair, the designer dresses and skimpy white body suits, I will not conform to the lie. 

Bruce Jenner was created and remains a DUDE!!

Listen, I don't know what happened to Mr. Jenner in his life to cause him to suffer such an extraordinary break with reality. I don't know what trauma he experienced that led him to reject his perfect anatomical and biological design. I don't know what caused him to subject himself to this sort of public exposure and certain ridicule. Truly, whatever heartache, abuse or deception he has suffered in his life, it has obviously been terribly traumatic and devastating. I am sorry that he hates himself. I am sorry that he feels as though Bruce the man, father and husband failed and as a result, he is seeking to create a new identity in hopes of a second chance.

Truly, his daily reality must be excruciatingly painful. But his psychosis doesn't change truth. His confusion doesn't negate God's word. His succumbing to the world and his fleshly desires doesn't alter the realness of eternity and the consequences of living outside the will of God. 

But let's be real: Bruce isn't Caitlyn. He isn't a she. He is a dude who is publicly masquerading as a woman. And being applauded for doing so!! The things Mr. Jenner has done to his family, his body and his life are an abomination. He has violated the laws of nature and completely squandered the talents he once possessed. He has made himself a spectacle and a laughing stock. He is a joke and the willing puppet of those seeking to further themselves and their progressive agendas.

But hey, this is America. And because of the awesomeness of this great nation and the extraordinary freedoms and liberties Americans enjoy, Bruce Jenner is completely free to act, dress and present himself as a woman.

While at the same time, I am free and able to call him and this whole "gender crisis" totally ridiculous. Bruce Jenner is a man. Caitlyn Jenner is an imaginary person created by a middle-aged, delusional man unhappy with the fruits of his life.

That is truth. That is reality.

And that, my dear friends, is what makes this story a tragic, tragic headline. Right now, America is experiencing a temporary fascination with Bruce Jenner that will eventually fade away. And when the press stops calling and the attention turns to the next political scandal or jacked-up celebrity who is pushing the envelope even further, Mr. Jenner will find himself even more alone, more confused and more lost than ever.

My prayers are with him.

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