Feminism: Making mountains out of mole hills and streams into ranging floods...

“Without menstruation and the sciences of measurement women developed from watching first the moon and then the stars, there would be no clocks or watches, no astronomers, no mathematicians or physicists, no astronauts, none of the architecture and engineering which have been born from exact measurement and proportion.” -Blood, Bread, and Roses by Judy Grahn

Okay, ladies, this one is for us. Last week a gal named Kiran Gandhi ran the London Marathon. At first glance, there is nothing extraordinary about Ms. Gandhi's performance during the race. She is a lovely young woman. Her marathon outfit was adorable--I loved the orange athletic pants and the peach head band. (I have an affinity to any gal who rocks a head band.) She was, for all intents and purposes, just like the other hundreds of female runners taking part in the marathon. Ms. Gandhi crossed the finish line. Job well done, ma'am. Job well done.

Unfortunately, her crossing the finish line isn't all of the story. Oh no. It couldn't be that simple. Man, or in this case, woman, has to over think and deeply complicate even the most benign of situations. This race, on that day, wasn't about running for Kiran. You see, Ms. Gandhi, who had been training for a year for the marathon, got a visit from "Auntie Flow" the night prior to her big run. Yep, ole Kiran started her period. You may be asking how I know this tidbit of information or why it matters. Well, what sets Ms. Gandhi apart from the other gals who were menstruating during the marathon (because statistically speaking many of the other women taking part in the race would have also been experiencing their menstrual cycles) was that she decided to run the 26.2 miles without a tampon. Or a pad. Yes, you read that correctly. She ran 26.2 on the first day of her period without using any form of feminine products. *sigh*