A Serial Liar

"Power is like being a lady...if you have to tell people you are, you aren't."--Margaret Thatcher
So many people want power. In fact, they lust it. They want, or perhaps, need to feel important--to leave their mark. So many people desire the limelight. They feel comfortable front and center with all eyes on them.  So many people want to be the boss. They want to be in charge. They want to make decisions and determine policy. They see themselves as the best person for a job. They see themselves as the only person for the position.

Some people see those desires as noble: the characteristics of a leader.

Other people see those desires as self-indulgent: the makings of a tyrant.

I see those dangerously noble ambitions as a mixture of the two. You see, our desire for control and our complete faith in our feeble abilities is our nature at it's worst. It's how many of us are created, how we are wired and programmed.

Leaders, good leaders, understand the tremendous power of their authority and are humbled by it. Tyrants recognize their status and are emboldened by their influence.

Leaders are selfless. Tyrants are selfish and self-serving. For instance, willingly taking a bullet for your cause/your friend/your fellow American, instead of systematically dodging all bullets, both figurative and literal ones.

Leaders are honest and seek truth. Tyrants see the truth as a necessary evil and are annoyed by the reality of facts. Many tyrants are "serial liars". That is a perfect term!! (Familiarize yourself with it because it is the new and best description of the front-running Democratic Presidential nominee.)

Leaders are often those who don't seek power but embrace it once received. Tyrants thirst for power-- willing to go to any length, make any promise or cut any throat to claim what they see as rightfully theirs.

Leaders give credit to those who serve alongside them, shying away from the praise of admirers and graciously deflecting glory to those around them. Tyrants claim credit at all possible times. They relish the notion of their personal success. They steal what attention they can and use people until they are not useful any longer.

See, good leaders know that the buck stops with them. They understand that they will be praised for their accomplishments and condemned for their failures. They understand that with tremendous power comes tremendous responsibility. And when the times are good, true leaders step aside and share the blessing of fortune with those around them .They praise their counterparts and are respectful of the enemies. True leadership is knowing that you created an atmosphere and facilitated a plan for success but not telling a single sole it was your idea.

Tyrants, those who love power, not because they love people but because they love themselves, only want the glory. They don't embrace that during their tenure, there will be both good and bad, both success and failure, both glory and defeat. Tyrants take credit for the successes of their influence but deflect any culpability when things go awry. They hijack other's ideas and claim them for their own. They are master blamers. It is ALWAYS someone else's fault. They were wronged. They were mistreated. They are the victim of some oppressive conspiracy that is aimed at them for some discriminatory reason. Everyone is out to get them. Always.

You can't have it both ways, Ole Hillary. You can't be Secretary of State of the United States of America and want to break through all those glass ceilings and not be willing to take responsibility when someone gets cut by your falling glass. You can't want the authority and prestige of a significant political station and not be willing to accept the enormous burden that comes along with the post.

She was the boss, y'all. The buck stopped with her. Her obsession with power paid off and she secured a highly influential job but failed to serve in a respectable manner. She placed her political safety ahead of the safety of those men. She placed her political survival ahead of the truth their grieving families deserved.

She was given her moment in the sun and she failed. Miserably. And because she failed, four American heroes were savagely murdered.

It makes a difference, y'all. A big difference. The difference between a leader and a tyrant. She has shown herself and her tendencies. Don't be fooled by this tyrant again.

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  1. Could you imagine if she was a conservative republican? She would already be serving life in prison. So much for Obama's America and the promise of Hope and Change. Well I Hope he is out of office soon and I HOPE Hillary isn't in office. It's time to CHANGE to a Christian Conservative President.