Election 2016: A Modern American Revolution

"A reform is a correction of abuses; a revolution is a transfer of power." -- Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

For years, Republicans, more specifically, Conservatives have been praying that the American people would wake up. To smell the socialistic coffee of this administration. To get pissed. To get involved. We have been begging the electorate to help us overthrown Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Reid and that nightmarish Pelosi.

And now, our prayers have been answered. 

However, Republicans have failed to stop Obama. Failed to disqualify and criminally try Clinton. Failed miserably. Republicans promise to do this and they promise to do that, and then they get to Washington and get sucked into the cesspool. They become obsessed with maintaining their elected status and completely forget about their task of representation.

We've got their number.

On the flip side, Democrats have been, well, simply demanding more. Specifically, more free stuff. Free healthcare. Free education. Free this, free that. More "marriage", less babies born. More governmental restriction, less oil. More foreign dictator buddies, less Israeli companionship. More tolerance, less military. More refugees, less jobs. Seriously, shall I continue? 

Democrats have been railroading and misleading the American people for decades. Their game is simple: they are set on creating an atmosphere of dependency so that they can maintain power. And it is working beautifully. The more the government provides for "free", the more dependent and desperate the electorate becomes. It's a sick and twisted marriage of power and laziness.

Their days in power are numbered.