Election 2016: A Modern American Revolution

"A reform is a correction of abuses; a revolution is a transfer of power." -- Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

For years, Republicans, more specifically, Conservatives have been praying that the American people would wake up. To smell the socialistic coffee of this administration. To get pissed. To get involved. We have been begging the electorate to help us overthrown Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Reid and that nightmarish Pelosi.

And now, our prayers have been answered. 

However, Republicans have failed to stop Obama. Failed to disqualify and criminally try Clinton. Failed miserably. Republicans promise to do this and they promise to do that, and then they get to Washington and get sucked into the cesspool. They become obsessed with maintaining their elected status and completely forget about their task of representation.

We've got their number.

On the flip side, Democrats have been, well, simply demanding more. Specifically, more free stuff. Free healthcare. Free education. Free this, free that. More "marriage", less babies born. More governmental restriction, less oil. More foreign dictator buddies, less Israeli companionship. More tolerance, less military. More refugees, less jobs. Seriously, shall I continue? 

Democrats have been railroading and misleading the American people for decades. Their game is simple: they are set on creating an atmosphere of dependency so that they can maintain power. And it is working beautifully. The more the government provides for "free", the more dependent and desperate the electorate becomes. It's a sick and twisted marriage of power and laziness.

Their days in power are numbered.

Not surprisingly, due to the lies and corruption, many American voters have tired of the political class. They are tired of the misrepresentations. They are tired of being talked down to. They are tired of the waste and the excessive spending.They are tired of out of touch, special interest, elitist mentalities deciding what is best for normal, hardworking, tax paying American families. 

And thus, many in the US of A are ready for change. Real change. They are pissed. Really pissed. They don't trust anyone with elected ties to Washington DC. They have abandoned all demand for the well-spoken, for the handsome, for the seemingly perfect statesman. They are ready to throw the baby out with the bath water, thank you very much.

The American people have narrowed the presidential field down to essentially four individuals. The four survivors:

Hillary Rodham Clinton:  liar, accomplice to murder, liar, angry feminist, liar, opportunist, liar. Get the picture? She is the very definition of a Washington insider. Entrenched, bought and more disgustingly, sold. The poster child for the political class. She has been lying and misleading and lying to the public since her time in Arkansas as First Lady. Universal healthcare was her brainchild in the early nineties. She stayed with Billy-baby because that was part of their power plan. Everything about her and her candidacy screams disaster and deception. Nothing will get accomplished. Nothing. The White House didn't need another Bush (sorry Jeb), but it certainly doesn't need another Clinton. She is a washed-up wannabe president. This ship has sailed.

Bernie Sanders:  a 74 year old, self-proclaimed socialist. Seriously. I am not making this up or labeling him. He said it first. He is proud of his socialistic leanings and openly declares that he wants to break down the democratic system of America and re-establish a more "fair" United States. Truly, I am speechless that he is elected to any public office in the United States of America, let alone seeking our highest. Dear Lord, please forgive his supporters for they know not what they are doing. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Donald Trump:  a bad-haired, big-mouthed, flamboyant, cocky, American billionaire. He doesn't drink alcohol and his children are productive citizens of society. He owns Manhattan real estate, mansions, airplanes, helicopters and casinos. He referred to 2nd Corinthians as "two Corinthians" and has flip flopped on abortion. No, he isn't ideal, but he has created more jobs than every Congressman combined. Yes, I often times cringe when he speaks and worry that he could get us into World War III by flipping the Iranian ayatollahs off. He is unpredictable and not beholden to anyone. Those realities are both good and bad. Yes, he has ties to Washington DC and Wall Street but has never been elected--he has simply played the game. Trump is saying what many in America have been thinking for two decades. And that is why he is winning, but still vulnerable.

Ted Cruz: a true Conservative with a love and passion for our nation and the Constitution. In fact, he has the entire Constitution committed to memory. I don't care who you are, that's impressive. He is the son of a preacher and a 45 year old depiction of the American Dream. He is stubborn and unwavering. And like some of Trump's attributes, that is both good and bad. Yes, he filibustered Obamacare and yes, I respect him for doing so. He votes his conscience and is hated by the establishment of the Republican Party. But, but, but...he is elected. In the eyes of the outraged electorate, he is part of the problem. However, he is disciplined and his message is right. He is a grass roots candidate--he always has been. He is on a bus, making his way across states and meeting people. And that, is why he is closing in on Trump.

Y'all this election cycle has awaken a sleeping giant. Americans are wide eyed and aware and engaged. America is changing because the American voter is revolting. And like many revolts, this revolution will determine the course of our nation for decades. Yes, there are still two opposing sides. Two camps of thought and two warring sets of ideals. But those sides of the aisle, thanks to this election, are a little less defined in some ways and a little more clearly defined in others. The edges of the two political parties are frayed and a little messier than normal. Political weakness have been exposed and strengths have been refined. Voters are rejecting the status quo and demanding answers and recognition. Both parties are having to soul search and redefine. It's painful. It's divisive. It's good. It is, in my humble opinion, necessary. 

Personally, I think our Founders would be proud. I think they would applaud our rejection of those who want to think for us and control our money. I think they would support our efforts to dismantle the entrenched political class that has failed our nation and corrupted our republic. Yep, I think our Founders would approve of this modern, American Revolution. 

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